Sid, vertoning mij one scripture (fresh wilsbeschikking) to support this, I can not find one Celafoe, see LifeGate’s on 1 Timothy Three:Two.

Do you think it is a good idea for a minister to date a member of the congregation? Why or why not? No, they can not be objective ter that person’s individual, emotional, and spiritual needs. Thank you Ronald Bachner – but what if that is the person Godheid created for them? ReneeDC 1979, there […]

I know this is stomping toes but thats what im here for resolution and expreiences which a lotsbestemming of fellows need help wit.

Its very stuck up when a lotsbestemming of women waterput this pic on a man thats hes always wrong and shes right. Permit mij to explain: it’s because women are always right. LOL!! (I thought of the same thing and wasgoed awfully tempted. ). Te all seriousness, of course women aren’t &quot,always&quot, right on a […]