В I would like to feel loved and needed every day, not just one bimbo day ter the calendar.В Why not feast love every time wij can?

Valentine’s day is a day to feast love, hope and romance. В A day to tell our vrouwen how much wij love them.В But what toebijten with all those who just broke up with their playmates? Those who were deceived and do not want to trust te love again?В What happens with all those people who are still searching for their soul mate despite years and years of unfruitful searching? Or those who are desperate to find someone to love because they do believe ter love.В What happens to those who wait ter hope that this year their “Valentine” will eventually realize that they love them… but they won’t, and they will spend another year alone waiting ter hope with a sour smile ter their faces.

Honestly, Valentine ‘s day might have embarked spil a day to feast love but nowadays it has become another day to force people to shop compulsively for things that they don’t need or they don’t want to buy ter order to express their love.В Most dudes know that they will be te trouble if they don’t buy an expensive present for their women.В So, they buy an expensive present, not spil an expression of their love, but spil a way to avoid trouble.В Like te Monopoly, they are buying their “get out of jail” cards.

Please do not take mij wrong, I am a romantic person, a dreamy chick who is still looking for hier blessed everzwijn after.В I believe ter love.В I love and I am loved dearly but I hate to see how Valentine’s day has become another commercial festivity to sell flowers, chocolates, jewellery, cards with ditzy messages and jammed animals.В Not just that, but I see my single friends, those who by choice or force are alone and I feel sorry for them on Valentine’s day.В Not because they are single, oh no!В I feel sorry because all the ones who are ter couples make them feel spil if they were missing something just because they get a ditzy little card and a opbergruimte of chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

Foolish Valentine’s poems

I said to you, “Oh, please be mine,

Be mine forever, Valentine.”

I vereiste have seemed like fairly a loser,

Albeit I thought I wasgoed being cool.

Getting older can be a agony,

But with you along, I can’t complain.

Despite the things that wij go through,

I know I’ll never zekering loving you.

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it’s possible to be single and content

tha author uses hier own story and others’ to voorstelling that it’s possible to be single and content. Spil a merienda joyfully married youthful woman, a unexpected widow at age 29, then a dreadfully remarried woman, and eventually an abandoned divorc&eacute,e with a kind and an immense debt, she knows how precarious it is to waterput hier happiness ter the mitts of another

Why I hate Valentine&rsquo,s Day

  1. Because if I say that I hate Valentine’s Day, most people automatically will think that I am either an old angry spinster or -for those who know mij and know that I am neither old or a spinster-В I am just having a very rough period ter my love life.В Neither of them is true, but most people do not understand how someone who is glad te a relationship cannot like and look forwards to Valentine’s Day.
  2. I never know what to buy spil a Valentine’s present.В Having just come out of Christmas it is difficult to find another flamante present for Romeo.В
  3. It has bot horrible every time I have bot single.В All my friends te a relationship had something special planned for February 14 th and they felt sorry for mij if I said I wasgoed staying ter watching TV or reading a book.В It didn’t bother mij at all staying ter like any other day, but I felt abjected at my friends feeling sorry for mij!
  4. When I have bot te a relationship the presents have infrequently bot up to romantic standards.В I am a very romantic person. В I expect Prince charming to bring the moon down for mij.В Now when Charming shows up with a Hallmark card and a opbergruimte of chocolates bought at the Esso station –with the price still attached- when he knows I am on a diet… that is disheartening.В The worst part is having to pretend to be pleasurably astonished and appreciative that he remembered Valentine’s day.В
  5. There are so many beautiful poems ter classic literature that it is annoying to read the ditzy messages written ter most commercial cards.В Why can Romeo not take 20 minutes of his time and copy for you one of your favourite love poems, even better, why can he not write you a few words of his own!В Spil I mentioned before te the forums, the only Valentine’s card I have everzwijn kept is one a man made for mij himself.В
  6. All the couples you know look so te love on Valentine’s day that it deep-throats!В You know he is dual timing your friend, but you don’t say anything because she never told him that she wasgoed a stripper before she met him, and anyway it is not your business.В But all the displays of false volmaakt love just want to make you throw up.В You know that straks that night they will be arguing again about something trivial.В
  7. I hate to hear the competitiveness inbetween damsels on Valentine’s Day.В Someone boasting about their enormous bouquet of flowers, while the other one claims that hier man truly loves hier because he never takes hier out but tonight they are going to the best restaurant te the city.В Doesn’t she realize that it is only a Valentine’s Day marketing spel, he never takes hier out except on Valentine’s Day, and she is delighted.В Poor doll!
  8. Valentine’s Day, like weddings, Christmas and Fresh Year’s celebrations hellion us into losing weight.В Women are desperate to lose all the reserve grams that they gained during the Christmas holidays ter order to wear their crimson Valentine’s underwear.В Why wait for Valentine’s, can’t wij just lose weight because of ourselves, because wij want to look our best ALL the time?
  9. If you are not te a relationship and you go out with a gf on Valentine’s Day, the odds are that anyone who sees you will think you are a sapphic.В
  10. Valentine’s Day makes fellows do stupid things like pruning the hair on their back ter a heart form.
  11. Most dudes are not very romantic and you will end up disappointed but you’ll boast about your present next day at work anyway.В

I hate Valentine’s day

Love or Hate

And you.

Why Voorwaarde wij feast love one day a year?

Ter my ideal world I would like to be romanced every single day of the year.В I would like to feel loved and needed every day, not just one bimbo day ter the calendar.В Why not feast love every time wij can? I don’t need a special day or a special occasion to tell my boy that I love him that I am head overheen high-heeled slippers about him.В В В I don’t need someone to remind mij ter the calendar that it is time to send him a loving card or a message.В He doesn’t need a day marked ter the calendar to make mij feel special.В

Valentine’s day might be a positive celebration for the shop keepers, restaurants, jewellers and other businesses, but it doesn’t do much for your relationship.

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