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Online Dating: Attempt A Little Tinderness

I am always the last to the party on things. Arrested Development, Tunda, iPhones, ironing clothes. I always pile ter on it about a year too late, bestowing the virtues of a little-known yet brilliant police stuk set ter Denmark or “this messenger service thing called Whatsapp” to whoever will listen. I am never ahead of any trend and this is why te 2014 I wasgoed the last single person te the PelĂ­cula del Oeste World to join Tinder.

It wasgoed at about 4AM on a Sunday morning that my housemates wooed mij that everyone &mdash, EVERYONE &mdash, is on Tinder now. They tell mij that I don’t have to come up with an excuse for why I join and I don’t have to apologise for it. And I fight back and fight back. I lecture them about the transient nature of looks &mdash, how dangerous it is to rate physical appearance above anything else. They tell mij that it’s no different to approaching someone you like the look of ter a folder and to get overheen myself.

So, te the end, I just f*cking joined. I joined because, honestly, I have absolutely no idea where to meet people anymore. I joined because everyone around mij all of a sudden seems to be dating ALL the time. I joined because I think I most likely have a rather rearwards view about the sort of people who online date, the same way my dad thinks all people on the social networking webpagina “Myface” are “paedophiles and people looking to trash strangers house parties”. I joined because I am weary. And you know what they say, when you get weary &mdash, attempt a little Tinderness.

The overeenkomst with my housemates wasgoed elementary &mdash, I’d attempt it out for a week, I wouldn’t be negative about it and I’d go on one date.

“I know your type,” one of them barked, snatching the phone off mij. “I’ll choose all the very first ones, you&rsquo,ll be too picky.” I preceptor hier flicking through hundreds and hundreds of guys. Right for yes, left for no. Beards to the right, short-sleeved shirts to the left. Olive skin &mdash, right, trilby hats left. Guys with guitars please make your way to the right, studs holding pints you’ll find the uitgang on the left. Don’t call us, wij’ll call you.

My week on Tinder can only be described spil a white-knuckle rail. Within the very first two days I am, depressingly, matched with three guys I tick who on closer inspection, I realise I have already bot on dates with ter the past year. Even more depressingly, I find an acquaintance’s long-term beau and at least four boys who have used their wedding photo spil their profile picture. But the most surprising find is a man I had a misjudged snog with aged 21 who is now an ordained priest.

Within a day, I am a woman obsessed with human shopping. Flicking through people like a sofa-hungry bi-atch with a never-ending Ikea catalogue. Swiping left and right and left and right until I am persuaded I have developed repetitive strain injury te my thumb. The more I swipe, the more I am matched and the more I am matched, the more I talk about it. On day three te a discussion with my colleague, wij work out that wij have both fallen for the same smooth-talker who spoke to us at the same time the night before. I quickly realise that EVERYONE around mij has bot using it and I hear more and more repeated urban Tinder myths &mdash, the soap starlets who have it, the man with the 15 inch man meat photo. And the endless, hopeful tales of relationships that have come out of it.

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