If you could go Back ter History to meet someone, who would go back to, meet and

If you could go Back ter History to meet someone, who would go back to, meet and why.

What a wonderful question. It would be three people that I thought of right away–many more, but you didn’t ask for that. Harriet Tubman because she wasgoed so courageous, Trofeo Holt because I like the way she write, and, my dad because he died when I wasgoed indeed youthful and I would just truly like to get to know and spend time with him.

I would want to visit one of my ancestors te the 1700s.

Very first I would want to meet with my mom, she died when I wasgoed a kid and I had so many unanswered questions straks.

2nd I would want to meet Katherine Hepburn, she lived an interesting life for hier times and I have often thought I would love to sit on a beach with hier and listen for hours.

Third I might want to meet with Thomas Jefferson and ask him about the difficulties surrounding the possibilites of building what he seemed to have hoped would be a just, fair, and ge way of governing a society.

Fine question .. I would like to go back to the early 1900s. I read a loterijlot about European History and particularly the Spanish Civil War while te collegium and I’d like to go back to that time and that place to understand what took place and learn from it.

Awesome question! Being a history weirdo, there are so many time periods that I would love to go back to. Very first and foremost, ancient Greece. I would love to practice firsthand the culture, kunst, and to fully understand the mythology.

I’d like to meet my father again. He died when I wasgoed 27 years old. Wij never eyed each other eye to eye. I got to talk to him before he passed away. It wasgoed the only time I felt connected and I indeed appreciated him spil a person and spil a father. Would love to reconnect.

i would like to go to the Very very first American Thanksgiving.

I wouldn’t go back further than around 1600 for fear of being burned at the stake. One of my beloved hypotheticals is what would you bring back with you to different periods ter time, especially if it were a one way excursion? Do you bring a machine gun to 1200 AD when swords and shields were the standaard? You’d run out of bullets before enemies would run out of bods. What about a textbook? A history book would be useful. A car wouldn’t be, spil you wouldn’t be able to refine petroleum on your own or get replacement parts when it violates.

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