Hayden Planetarium is presently featuring a digitally animated alternative music escapade called SonicVision.

A very first date should be a inolvidable practice. It is a beginning point, a leap off into eternity, and a day that might just determine your fate. A very first date can lead to fifty years of bliss, or it can end after five hours of togetherness. Either way, a very first date is your chance to demonstrate hier what you’re made of. If you’re fortunate enough to live te or near Fresh York City, consider yourself fortunate. Manhattan has something for everyone, and is literally bursting with possibilities. Of course, it goes without telling that nothing hammers a genuine personality, self confidence, and courtesy, but the right blend of romance te a joy or unusual location can be the reserve icing on the cake of deliciousness that is YOU.


1.) Pack a picnic basket with sandwiches and a thermos of wine, grab a blanket and love refrigerio on the beautifully manicured lawns of Central Park.

Two.) The zoo at Central Park is open every day from Ten:00am-5:00pm. Take a walk through the habitats of monkeys, polar bears, parrots, pandas and more.

Trio.) From April through November, rowboats can be rented at the Central Park Lake for spil low spil $Ten for the very first hour. If you don’t feel like rowing, slide lazily through this idyllic sanctuary on a gondola rail, available during the summer for $30 vanaf half hour. When you’re done, check out the Boathouse Restaurant for a romantic dinner on the lake.

Four.) Want something sportier? If neither of you are afraid of heights, attempt wall climbing, held at the North Meadow Recreation Center every Tuesday and Thursday across the year. Cost is $7 vanaf person for a one day pass.

Five.) Summerstage holds afternoon and evening concerts te the park (some of which are free!) Located at Rumsey Playfield, 70th St. at mid park. Finish out the night with dinner at the world famous restaurant Tavern on the Green.


6.) Ripley’s Believe It or Not! te Times Square has a collection of overheen 500 strange and unusual artifacts from around the world. Open every day from 9:00am to 1:00am, and not for the faint of heart.

7.) Madame Tussaud’s paraffin wax museum, also ter Times Square, has paraffin wax replicas of famous celebrities. Get your pictures taken with A-list celebrities, interact with the singing, dancing and talking statue of Jennifer Lopez, or casting for &quot,American Idol&quot, te vuurlijn of Simon Cowell.

8.) The Museum of Modern Kunst (MoMA) features overheen 150,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, books, photographs and films. You’ll spend hours navigating your way through several floors of modern kunst and vormgeving.

9.) The American Museum of Natural History is four floors of mammals, lizards, birds, prehistoric peoples and dinosaurs. The IMAX theater presents large-scale presentations like &quot,Dinosaurs Alive!&quot, and the Hayden Planetarium is presently featuring a digitally animated alternative music escapade called SonicVision.

Ten.) If you’re willing to trek across the sea into Fresh Su├ęter, the Liberty Science Center has the largest IMAX theater te the nation and a plethora of hands-on, please-touch exhibits pleasant for all ages.


11.) Jekyll & Hyde te Greenwich Village offers an unusual dining practice with bizarre characters and special effects. Good live music, but don’t be astonished when the characters lined against the walls commence coming to life.

12.) Hard Rock Cafe, which also features live music and AMAZING food, has walls lined with memorabilia from decades of musical accomplishments. The waitresses wear garments straight out of 50’s diners, and if you can pry your eyes away from your date, you’ll always have something interesting to look at!

13.) Expeditie 2112, located ter the heart of Times Square is an intergalactic drankbuffet and restaurant that serves Martian cuisine. Crystal Crater contains a three-story tree finish with 300-square foot &quot,Window to Tocht&quot, suggesting views of the restaurant below.

14.) Biny is a stylish Japanese restaurant with state-of-the-art, fully computerized private karaoke kroegen. Their advanced sound system will make even the worst crooners sound American Idol-worthy, just be sure to make your reservations ahead of time.

15.) Caroline’s on Broadwayis a popular comedy nightclub. They book comedians for every night of the week and during the afternoons on Sundays. Tickets begin around $16.00.


16.) Check out Chelsea Piers along the Hudson sea for a bowling practice like no other. Looking more like a high class VIP lounge than a bowling alley, 300 Fresh York has a restaurant, billiards and in-the-dark bowling to set the mood. $8.75 vanaf person, vanaf spel.

17.) Dave & Buster’s te Times Square is the ideal place to eat, drink and be merry on a very first date. Merienda you’ve digested, you can head overheen to the games section to play skee-ball, drive a racecar or pilot an airplane te one of the many simulators. Test your compatibility by pairing up to challenge against six other people te a trivia competition.

Eighteen.) Catch the subway into Brooklyn to visit one of the happiest (and oldest) places on earth: Coney Island. Whether you feel like traversing the boardwalk, taking a rail on the infamous Cyclone rollercoaster, or visiting the Coney Island aquarium, you’ll accurately love yourself at this staple of Fresh York culture. During the summer months, catch a burlesque demonstrate on the beach or fireworks on Fridays.

Nineteen.) Take te a Broadway showcase. The fatter shows like &quot,Legally Blonde&quot,, &quot,Wicked&quot, or &quot,The Lion King&quot, require tickets to be purchased te advance, but tickets for off-Broadway shows like &quot,Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding&quot, can be bought with just a few days notice.

20.) End the night on a high note with a visit to Rockefeller Center’s &quot,Top of the Rock&quot. The pre-show area on the mezzanine level offers a theater exhibit detailing the history of the Rockefeller legacy, but you’ll be more interested ter holding forearms on the rooftop, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Fresh York City lit up at night.

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