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Common Character Traits of a TV Bad Boy

The Recipe for a TV Bad Boy

  • Loner
  • Strained familial relationships
  • Substance manhandle
  • Sadism
  • Ter love with a good woman
  • Charming
  • Witty
  • Involved ter sketchy business
  • Remarkable
  • Misunderstood

Who Doesn’t Love Bad Boys?

When you think about the most popular sitcoms and dramas on TV each of thesis shows has one thing ter common – a bad boy. While most women, including myself, don’t want to marry a bad boy, it is joy to eagerness after thesis mischievous, yet charming, fictional characters. Below, you will find the tell-tale traits of a TV bad bad boy and my individual list of of the Ten Best Bad Boys on TV.

Check out my list and make sure to vote for your beloved te the poll at the very end.

Ten. Dylan McKay – 90210

Dylan wasgoed the very first fictional bad boy that I fell te love with on TV. Dylan wasgoed played by Luke Perry te the toneelstuk 90210. The teenage version of myself rooted for Dylan te the hardest of times and always dreamed he and Brenda to get together and live cheerfully everzwijn after. However, Dylan had his own demons including divorced parents, a criminal for a dad, and a little problem with the bottle.

9. Duke Crocker – Toevluchthaven

If you toevluchthaven’t observed Toevluchthaven yet, you certainly should, even if it is just to see Eric Balfour play Duke Crocker. Ter this toneelstuk, Duke is a smuggler turned caf possessor who has a supernatural talent. Duke has no trouble with the ladies – te fact, you will get to see a superb overeenkomst of his tattooed bod te compromising positions, but his heart only pines for one, Audrey Parker.

8. Jesse Pinkman – Cracking Bad

Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, is everyone’s beloved methamphetamine dealer. Albeit Jesse has gone through one heck of a transformation through the seasons of Cracking Bad, he is always up to no good. His strained relationship with his parents, a dead gf, and risky career have earned him the number 8 spot on my individual list of TV’s Best Bad Boys.

7. Logan Echolls – Veronica Toer

Jason Dohring portrayed the bad boy on the succesnummer stuk Veronica Tocht. During his time on the display, Logan played the on/off bf of the beloved Veronica. While I always knew Logan truly loved Veronica, he often self-destructed, which ruined any chances he had with the beautiful teenage detectiveroman. Like many other bad boys on the list, Logan’s self disruptive behaviors were due to his snarky behavior, bully-like personality, and the fact that his father wasgoed an abusive masturbate and his mother wasgoed deceased.

6. Dylan Massett – Bates Motel

If you have seen Max Thieriot portray Dylan Massett, you already know this dude has all the makings of a célebre TV bad boy. Dylan is the son of the psychotic Norma Bates, a product of incest, and involved ter sketchy business. With all this going on, Dylan supplies an edgy, outsider persona that is plain atractivo.

Five. Oliver Queen – Arrow

Many of you may be asking what is Arrow? Arrow is a good comic-based toneelstuk that starlets Stephen Amell spil Oliver Queen. Oliver is a billionaire playboy turned vigilante te this dramatic series. One look at Oliver Queen and you know he has the makings of a very bad boy. While presently a vigilante, Oliver can’t seem to let go of the playboy tendencies that landed him te exile for Five years. Oliver is also an orphan and pines after the one woman he may never be able to have.

Four. Damon Salvatore – Vampire Diaries

Now that wij are nearing the top Three of my list, you can imagine that the bad boys are getting badder and with that te mind, Damon Salvatore doesn’t disappoint. Damon is the better looking, more psychotic vampire brother that starlets te Vampire Diaries. With his black hair and crystal blue eyes, Damon never had a chance to play anything but a bad boy. Albeit a bit more psychotic than many of the other bad boys on the list, Damon, who is played by Ian Somerhalder, is a darkly remarkable vampire that can go from casual to zuivere evil te the blink of an eye. Damon is tantalized by his past and prone to impulsive behavior. The only reason Damon hasn’t imploded so far is because of his one true love – Elena. However, Elena is also the one true love of his brother, which creates the habitual dysfunction that earns Damon Salvatore his place on my list of TV’s Best Bad Boys.

Trio. Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead

Okay, the only reason I everzwijn observed The Walking Dead ter the very first place wasgoed to catch a peek of the super yummy Norman Reedus. Te The Walking Dead, Reedus plays Daryl Dixon. Daryl has an ill temper, but is a fierce protector. His instinct to get through is fostered by his abusive upbringing. Albeit Daryl’s social abilities suck, there is one woman that is able to sleek his ragged edges – Carol.

Two. Chuck Bass – Gossip Lady

There are so many reasons that I shouldn’t like Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick, but I can’t help but love this TV bad boy. Chuck is the anti-hero of Gossip Lady. Ter addition to being a wealthy, teenage entrepreneur, Chuck is also a sexy hedonist, a moderno, a confundir, and a manipulator. Despite all thesis negative personality traits spil well spil serious “mommy issues” women flock to the sexy Fresh Yorker. While Chuck takes his time basking ter a sea of lovemaking, wijngeest, and reckless behavior, but his heart belong to Blair Waldorf, the Queen Bee, but his own deeds make it unlikely for Gossip Dame’s kleuter of good woman to truly trust and love the well known Chuck Bass.

1. Jax Teller – Sons of Anarchy

With his sometimes shaggy blonde hair, mysterious hazel eyes, and tattooed muscles, there isn’t much not to love about Jax Teller, played by British actor Charlie Hunnam. Jax is an outlaw, a murderer, mechanic, and the Voorzitter of SAMCRO, a fictional California biker spoed. Despite Jax’s flaws, I love this character. Ter fact, I often root for this anti-hero to make the right decisions – albeit he never does.

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