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Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Hier books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart&mdash,there is no other way.

Understanding Women 101

Will women and boys truly everzwijn fully understand each other? Most likely not.

Both genders are amazing and suggest their unique perspectives to a relationship.

Wouldn’t it be nice if wij had the chance to actually comprehend what our playmate is telling?

Whether it’s with act or key words that are on the sly and not actually straight forward.

I hope you take thesis useful tricks of the trade into consideration.

Studs and women might never fully understand each other, but the significant thing is that wij never give up attempting.

Disclaimer: This list is all ter joy, yet factual. A sense of humor and an open mind is required before proceeding to read.

Rekindle the Flame or Get Burned

What Women Want Guys To Know

  1. Contrary to rumors, gossip or however else you might have heard it. wij don’t read minds. Wij are not psychic. If you want or need something you should ask. Wij choose not to assume.
  2. Get yourself acquainted with “The Look.” You were most likely llano with this practice while you were a child and your parent talent you “The Look.” Well this gesture never goes away. So prepare yourself and spil always have an escape project ready.
  3. Trust us multi-tasking is possible. Take kind steps. if you concentrate hard enough you could do two things at merienda. Go after up with three and work up to ten.
  4. Fact: Women get the last word. There are no ifs, ands or buts. Consider the alternative if she doesn’t. Not worth the hassle.
  5. Proceed with caution when you hear the words “Wij need to talk”
  6. Wij will always ponder why Menopause, Menstruation and Mental Breakdown all start with the word Dudes. Any insight on this dilemma would be appreciated.
  7. When you are tongue tied for a response, “Yes, Dear” always seems to work best.
  8. Even if you burn a meal wij will still eat it because you ready it.
  9. Bodily sounds are not acceptable and blaming the kids or pets doesn’t work.
  10. Playmates might be the “last to know,” but when wij find out you best run for the hills because your life spil you know it will never be the same again.
  11. Fact: A cocky, know-it-all attitude truly gets you nowhere.
  12. When a women asks “Does my butt looks big?” Do not pause, just response quickly. There is never a rewind for this uur.
  13. Using a lovely kid or admirable puppy spil a decoy to attract women is a superb project and works! Just be sure you have permission to use either if they aren’t yours. Bail is not part of the package.
  14. When women say “I’ll consider it” just leave behind you asked because chances are the response you want won’t be flowing from hier mouth.
  15. Fact: Watching the movie Brokeback Mountain will not make you gay!
  16. There is nothing unmasculine about asking for directions while driving. It’s more honorable to ask and arrive at our destination securely.
  17. For Your Information: Common colds have a duration of Five days. You are not fated or dying. Nonexistent whining would be appreciated or at least keep it to a ondergrens of a few times vanaf day, not hourly. Further proof why women give birth.
  18. It’s OK to share your feelings, concerns, worries and it’s OK to sob. Please don’t sob spil often spil Speaker of the House John Boehner!
  19. Being competitive is joy. Being overly competitive makes us want to kick you te the nuts.
  20. PMS is the autĂ©ntico overeenkomst. There is no way around it. You can’t avoid it. Yes, you should walk on eggshells. On the bright side, PMS doesn’t last forever and wij will be back to comĂșn te a few days. Just imagine PMS spil a hurricane. The storm is approaching, the eye of the storm causes havoc. There is always sunshine at the end of a storm.
  21. Wij appreciate that when wij are singing off-key to our dearest songs that you don’t ridicule us. Even if wij ridicule you.
  22. Size indeed doesn’t matter. It’s how you use it that does!
  23. Playful flirting with other women is OK. Just reminisce whatever you can do wij can do better!
  24. Wij appreciate you attempting to always solve our problems. Just keep te mind wij usually don’t want you to, wij are just venting and most likely the remedy is already ter the works.
  25. Playing dress-up with our clothing is a major concern that should be addressed.

Women Have The Last Word

26. Some women are OK with you having a good friend of the opposite gender. Just don’t let those some of us down.

27. You should never, everzwijn spend more time te vuurlijn of a mirror then us. Everzwijn.

28. Over-inflated egos and an abundance of self-confidence is a total turn-off.

29. Substance manhandle of any kleintje is unacceptable, unless wij are also abusers. If so, wij should project a tour to rehab pronto. Enablers aren’t healthy for a relationship.

30. Wij appreciate it when wij feel appreciated since wij do appreciate you and mutual appreciation is vitalista for a healthy, appreciative relationship.

31. Wij do have the capability to retrain your brain. The left and the right side. Also everything te inbetween.

32. Wij don’t see sports with you just for the eye candy. Wij actually also like sports. It’s amazing to see a touchdown toebijten during the 9th inning of the Stanley Cup Finals and a fuckhole te one while watching a baloncesto spel! Yep, no eye candy for us.

33. Never, everzwijn touch that last lump of chocolate. Everzwijn. Never. Everzwijn.

34. Going shopping with us gives you reserve toeslag points.

35. Texting us with bad news is a major reduction ter points.

36. If you truly love your family you will have yearly medical physicals. Excuses never apply here.

37. Don’t expect us to always be the conversationalist. On the roll side, do not talk spil much spil a woman. There is a gray area. You could find it.

38. Verrassing gifts are always welcome.

39. If you should have a complaint, go after it up with a mooipraterij. That makes the difference inbetween a “fortunate” and unlucky day!

40. Leaving behind a bday or anniversary is omschrijving to Three months of hard trabajo. Wij advise against it. Always have a back up project to recall. Consider a tattoo on your forehead.

41. Wij don’t indeed look at the size of your feet or forearms.

42. You earnestly didn’t believe #41, did you?

43. Wij realize you’ll never be volmaakt because ter reality perfection is boring. But wij will proceed to attempt to mold you into near perfection.

44. Just like you need your space so do wij. So wij will agree to disagree that wij both need space and during this “space” wij will question why wij actually desired space.

45. “I have a headache” is not curable with Tylenol, but it is with a cold shower.

46. Cold shoulders are not something wij like to give, so attempt not to bring one on.

47. Scraping your private figure parts is unhygienic and should never be done te public. Adjusting yourself also falls into this category. Get a slagroom.

48. Yes, common sense is something wij all have the capability of acquiring on a daily poot.

49. Contrary to what you’ve heard “swearing” is not a instrument. So there is no need to use curse words while tending to chores.

50. You will never fully understand women, but never give up attempting.

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