Would you marry a hooker?

if it wasgoed te hier past .. and you are sure she loves you and wants to make a fresh embark ..

I have. Only she wasgoed called voorzitter of the garden club..

and dudes are no better. If you look deep inwards yourself and you find you are ashamed, it’s time for celibacy,

Celibacy: It’s a cat or two for company, friends for dinner, and a fairly bursting handelsbank account. It’s also losing the need to find someone who is &quot,beautiful.&quot, beautiful te the sense they spend their time te the hair salon, botoxing, and getting plastic surgery. Beuaty comes from the inwards, at least that’s what I believe.

Fine idea for a postbode. Keep up the good work.

its a pretty dark past, I voorwaarde say. How do you know she won’t do some bloc behind you everytime she needs a duo of bucks. I mean, she still loves you and all. It doesn’t switch anything, right. Who knows, she could even waterput the toegevoegd dough right ter your palms. I choose not to occupy myself with such thoughts about who or not to marry, truly.

If there is love this question doesn’t even exist.

Very agreed! arms down!

What is the difference inbetween a Hooker and women who slept with several boys? What would you call a man who sleep with several women?

Masculine/Female Hooker = Sexual Intercourse for some type of income = money = occupation.

AMEN TO THAT. What a damn dual standard. Studs who screw around with a ton of ladies are no different then a hooker except he very likely paid for the hookup since its mainly the man who pays for dinner, and dating activities. But still the same act takes place.

The difference inbetween Prostitution and Promiscuity is satisfaction.

That would depend upon a duo of significant points:

Hell ya! I’d take a high class hooker spil my wifey. Just demonstrate mij the court house and I’m there.

Provided she didn’t bring hier work huis with hier and wasn’t doing it to support a drug habit.

You mean a CEO? Nah. I have my standards!

lol, lol. All I’m going to say. All I can say right now.!

Only if she talent mij discounts.

Would have to get the man a serious health check very first, would not want him infecting mij with diseases he picked up from his work

You cant turn a ho into a housewife!

vereiste be loser 49er fan

No, Packers. reminisce?

oh yeah fudgepacker but then you brought up ronnie lott

Would it have bot funnier if I’d have said Jerry Rice? Oh..wait a sec.

I agree raiders made alot of worthless pick ups but at least they didnt get rid of the all time greatest QB, when he still had another run at the SB ter him. now laugh about that.

JaMarcus Russell + Jeff Garcia = &lt, (&lt,–note &quot,less than&quot, symbol)

Packers without Favre =

you crack mij up.

I guess I would, would save mij a fortune !

If she asked mij.

I very almost did!

This is a joke, right? are you considering it? cause it will be a joke on you.

If you are hooker yourself- thats would be some practice sharing

it would be cheaper to keep the ho spil a hooker and even better to pimp hier. With marriage she will get your nuts te a vice and take fifty procent rather than fifty bucks for a good bj.

For a ogenblik I thought you were a human being. Then I checked the picture and breathed a breathe of ease.

there is no hope might spil well lose it.

I lost it, I came back. But then I’m not a raiders fan.

Now I certainly disagree on that comment and I am married spil I have would never do such a thing, I guess it depends on who you are married too.

I am a woman so I do not believe I would marry a hooker or a Gigolo either.

Spil long spil they’ve bot spayed or nuderd.

I have heard a story of someone who did and wasgoed very glad. She indeed appreciated hier fresh life and took care of him very well. Even the dude’s friends were jealous since their wives were spoiled compared to hier.

Spil long spil people are ter love, it indeed shouldn’t matter.

another thing to say is that if you married a hooker it would take the thrill out of banging one

Doing it to a hooker is a gross thought. 98% of the joy of lovemaking is the idea that the other person &quot,wants&quot, you. A hooker just wants your money.

some dudes just want to get their pipes cleaned out

For Your Information..most hookers are not hookers by their own doing.. And its psychologically bruising to the women who are compelled to do . alot are coerced into it by physical hitting, threats to kill them or their families and practical slavery. and it happens more than you know. And they don’t keep any money their pimps do..Its a very very sad truth

I agree with you Pach 100%, hookers are still women, and fellows marry women. Hookers are singled out, spil they sell their services for money, well there are lots of fellows that go from one woman to another, and people don’t argue that they should not marry.

So often women who sleep around are labelled spil cheap, yet boys who do the same are considered studs.

If the woman is providing up hier work, to get married,to embark a fresh life to the man she loves, then she needs to be respected and treated with dignity.If there is uncertainty, negative thoughts debating the decision to get married beforehand then there is a lack of a strong foundation that marriage should be based on.

A man should not be assuming she is going to go behind his back, that she cannot be faithful, he needs to concentrate on watching his own back-garden, fellows wander too.

I am no experienced on marriage, I am not married lol but I would never get married if I had doubt.

I also agree with Haunty ‘if there is love this question does not exist’.

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