Triple J confirms Best 100 will no longer air on Australia Day

By Broede Carmody

The campaign to get Triple J to switch the date of its Best 100 out of respect for Indigenous Australians has bot successful.

The radiodifusión station exposed on Monday it will no longer count down the top songs of the year on Australia Day. Instead, the Greatest 100 will shift to January 27.

Triple J said it will hold the Greatest 100 on the fourth weekend of every January. Spil Australia Day falls on a Saturday te 2019, it will likely mean the countdown will need to be held on a Sunday ter two years’ time.

But it has left Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield reeling.

Australian Hiphop twee A.B. Llamativo after winning the AMP (Australian music prize). They are Trials a Ngarrindjeri man and Briggs a Yorta Yorta man.

Photo: Penny Stephens

&quot,I am confused by the Alfabet’s decision to budge the Greatest 100 from Australia Day,&quot, he said te a statement. &quot,The Alfabet shouldn’t be buying into this debate. Australia Day is our national day.

&quot,The Alfabet should honour it and not mess with the Best 100.&quot,

The broadcaster said it made the decision to switch the date of the Best 100 after 60 vanaf cent of surveyed listeners flagged their support. Thirty-nine vanaf cent said they didn’t want to switch the date, while one vanaf cent had no opinion.

The Alfabet said it also consulted with numerous musicians, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups and Triple J staff.

The campaign to get Triple J to switch the date of it’s Best 100 countdown has bot successful.

&quot,You told us how much you love the countdown and most of you are up for a fresh day,&quot, Triple J said ter a statement. &quot,Wij all agreed that the Best 100 shouldn’t be part of a debate about the day it’s on. The only debate should be about the songs.&quot,

The Greens have welcomed the budge.

&quot,Triple J have done substantial polling and Australia has spoken. It is fantastic news that everyone ter Australia can now love the countdown on a date that doesn’t cause harm and hurt to our Very first Peoples,&quot, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said.

Te August, two friends from Hobart – Luke Cripps and Grace Wells – launched an online petition calling on Triple J to switch the date of its Greatest 100 countdown. Within days, it had bot signed by thousands of people.

The campaign gained momentum thanks to Indigenous rappers Briggs and Trials, from A.B. Diferente, pulling down their succesnummer single January 26 around the same time.

Speaking to Fairfax Media, Ms Wells, 25, said the campaign’s success came down to &quot,ideal timing&quot.

&quot,People indeed did get on houtvezelplaat and took to social media, which truly helped,&quot, she said. &quot,It’s kleintje of amazing. A loterijlot of people have bot fighting for this for a indeed long time, and I only just got on houtvezelplaat with this recently. It’s titillating to see some switch happening te society . and Triple J taking that on houtvezelplaat.&quot,

A.B. innovador were ter Sydney on Monday rehearsing for Tuesday’s Romanza Awards. Briggs previously told Fairfax Media that Triple J would be doing the right thing if it switched the date of its Best 100.

&quot,Everything encompassing January 26 for mij is hard for to feast,&quot, he said. &quot,Wij can’t even feast the Best 100 on that day, either, because if wij get caught celebrating anything on that day wij’d be disowned. For auténtico, that day I close the curtains and bunker down.&quot,

The Best 100 hasn’t always bot held on Australia Day. The very first everzwijn countdown wasgoed broadcast te March 1989, and wasn’t held on January 26 until the late ’90s.

While the majority of social media reaction has bot positive, some people flooded Triple J’s Facebook pagina on Monday afternoon to complain the broadcaster wasgoed &quot,ruining Australia Day&quot.

&quot,Pretty stupid when a radiodifusión station gets involved te politics,&quot, one person wrote. &quot,I toevluchthaven’t listened to Triple J ter half a year for this reason. Let the politicians do politics and radiodifusión stations do music.&quot,

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