I met a woman online, but she doesn – t want to meet te verdadero life

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For every problem there is a complicated and a ordinary way to look at it. The ingewikkeld way will be to list down all the possibilities and ponder on the probability of each of them. The elementary way will be to accept that she is just not interested enough ter you to meet.

I will further explain the line of thought on the ordinary response. Let say she is into you, but for individual reasons of hers do not want to meet, this means that she is putting hier self-consciousness ahead of meeting you and more worried about maybe hier looks or disappointing you. One may even say she is SO into you that that is why she is overthinking it. Unluckily I do not think that this is the case here, if you are truly into someone and worried about appearances, you will be very jumpy on the meeting and be reluctant to meet te the short-term. Short-term because you will eventually find enough courage. Love takes courage. You mentioned you have known hier for years and talked for overheen 6 months, that does not sound like short-term at all. Therefore, she is just not interested. Yes, the truth is hard to accept. Most guys have bot there.

Only just yesterday I wasgoed talking to this dude, Dan, who wasgoed introduced to mij by my bff (a damsel). Wij were tending my bff’s booth, and only after she left did I indeed got to talk to Dan. It wasgoed joy at very first and he instructed mij some plain hiphop moves which I sucked ter. Spil the conversation went on, he eventually opened up and said he wasgoed troubled. He told mij how he met my bff. They met on OKC, bot talking it up for overheen Trio months, and eventually just the day before, determined to meet. He looks like a certain dude and bot telling mij about his system where he will just go up to ladies and get their numbers, he will get rejected most of the time but it will eventually work out. They end up te his FB but he never found any that he can truly connect with. Here comes the interesting part, evidently he is indeed into my bff. He mentioned that it wasgoed his 1st time loving someone.

Now, he wasgoed troubled because my bff is about to budge to Australia for work te like a month thus the flea market to sell off junk. He did not know what all of thesis meant to my bff. My bff even invited him to hier apartment to stay the night for talking, nothing sexual, and on the day of the flea market, he even got to meet hier mom and sample hier congee! He wasgoed like the heck man and he liked hier mom haha. My bff will ask him to join hier activities. However he did mention that she shortly said something about not looking for anything long-term because long distance won’t work with hier ter Australia. He is conflicted because she says one thing yet hier act says otherwise. I told him why don’t he just ask hier where it is heading at the end of the day.

He got his response. His heart got cracked.

The following day I wasgoed talking to my bff and the topic came up. I wasgoed a bit pissed that she led him on, since he seem like a welvoeglijk stud. Ter hier defense, she said she wasgoed attempting to be &quot,nice&quot. I wasgoed like being nice does not end with the fellow getting his heart cracked after being invited to your apt and meeting your mom. Not to mentioned the invites to all hier activities. Anyways I project to talk to hier more about it and analyze how a chick think on what is &quot,nice&quot.

Casto of the story, women can be &quot,nice&quot, and clueless at the same time. If you feel confuse of the situation, just straight out confront hier about it instead of suffer. I did notice spil well that Dan wasgoed a ge stud but clearly my bff wasgoed looking for something else and not just a ge fellow. He wasgoed gepast enough so she did not shut him down fully but does not have strong enough prospects to climb up the list. That is what I think happened. I am a straight man and I’ve bot ter that ‘ge’ man boots before and it felt like shit. Love yourself enough to not let yourself get marginalized by women.

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