How to tell your parents you’re dating a much older woman or man?

How to tell your parents you’re dating a much older woman or man?

If you are Legal and older, then you tell them only out of consideration and respect. After Eighteen, at least te America, you are free. this is not true ter other countries where traditions are more stringent.

Don’t worry about it, if you’re past the age of majority (I presume you are or you’ve no business posting here) it’s none of their business.

I think most parents are more worried with the character of the person that their children date rather than their age. To mij, age becomes secondary. I want to know that my children will be loved, respected, and treated graciously by their dates. If this is overduidelijk, then age is not a cifra. If it’s not overduidelijk, then wij have some problems.

You sit them down and you plainly say, &quot,I’m dating this woman/man and he’s older than mij, but this is what’s happening&quot, You aren’t dating an alien, animal or paraffin wax figure . they should be fine.

I have a friend who ended up marrying a man who is older than hier own mother. She loves him and he loves hier. Hier mother wasn’t very glad at very first, but now that they are married, I think she has come to terms with it.

My wifey 9 yrs older than mij I let them meet hier then weeks straks I asked how old do youmom said junior than mij by a year or two dad said a year or two older most likely just to mess with mom. mom said &quot,oh be serious shes not older than Tom&quot,

I said she is older than (My middle brother Five yrs my elder) &quot,

My mom said &quot,Oh be serious&quot,

&quot,Ok I said she is only a year youner than (my oldest brother Ten yrs older .

Albeit my wifey still looks closer to my age today Im 40 now. than hier own.

Spil for telling them It all depends on what you know of them-it might be better to soften them up with the good things he doesthen slip ter his age after it all or maybe even after they meet him.

It is best to give hints before introducing the fresh bf or gf. That way, they wouldn’t be astonished.

Te the current generations, it should not be a problem with age gaps. But if your family is sort of traditional, you may want to bring up the topic for discussion before approaching them with this.

Dang, I thought I’d already written a hub on this topic, but evidently toevluchthaven’t gotten around to it yet . My own spouse is five years older than both of my parents, and a year junior than my stepdad. I also met him online while playing Myspace poker, and didn’t meet him ter person until the day he landed when he moved te with mij. Suffice to say, my mom wasgoed not pleased when she heard about this match. That said, I knew that there wasgoed no way I could pauze the news to hier te a way ter which she would be pleased, or even be less shocked or worried, so I treated it like removing a band-aid — I came straight out and told hier, then told hier I’d be glad to discuss it with hier merienda she’d calmed down and wij could have a civilized conversation. Then I backed off and let hier stew about it for a duo of weeks.

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