Why Wij Need a Dating Bot – Chatbots Tv-programma

Dating apps are enormously popular. Albeit some don’t like to admit it but most of us, if not all, have used a dating app/webstek at least at some point te our life. If you have, you know that the practice is pretty similar for most of thesis platforms. You download an app, sign up, embark liking, passing.. or flat-out cold messaging if you are indeed desperate or simply want to waste your time. If you are fortunate, you get a match and begin talking ter an online talk.

But what if you did not have to download a fresh app or signup/login and, most importantly, what if you could talk to a human like friend who will become your private dating mentor helping you find that special person.

What’s wrong with dating apps?

A duo of things:

-What is the very first thing that comes to mind when wij are suggested to install a fresh app??- ”Another app. ”

That’s right. Apps require downloads, signups and memory storage. Spil research shows, people do not like downloading fresh apps with an promedio smartphone proprietor using only Five apps.

-They are very repetitive. Most of them have just a few screens that repeat the same cycle overheen and overheen again which makes the user truly bored and disengaged. Besides, all dating apps are pretty much the same.

-Last but not least, dating apps are utterly impersonal. My practice with Tinder or OkCupid is no different from any of the millions of users even however wij are so different te our preferences, personalities and behaviour.

How to date te the 21st century

Everzwijn since the invention of the internet, online dating has bot closely following technological innovation. Ter 90s and 00s, wij were using online websites, then te late 00s wij switched to mobile apps, and now it is time for bots and AI to take overheen.

Instead of onveranderlijk swiping or pushing buttons on dating apps, you talk to a posible mentor who helps you find a fresh friend. It is all conversation based, so you can tell the bot whatever you like about your preferences, personality etc.

With time, such bot can get smarter and understand a lotsbestemming about user’s dating preferences and will provide help way beyond what swipes, buttons and elementary algorithms can. Ter addition, you are going to be able to do this te a place where you spend most of your time already. Whether it is fb messenger, WeChat, iMessage or Whatsapp, messengers are where people spend most of their online time now and why even leave if you don’t have to. Fortunately, there is already a chatbot that helps people date. It is called OutChat.

OutChat permits you to find people ter your area without leaving your messenger. User is able to talk to the bot and tell them who they are looking for. OutChat then starts displaying other users nearby that they can match with. No need to download, Install and register, everything happens on the facebook messenger.

The bot is not super brainy, not yet. For now, it is helping users with basic questions and needs. But spil there are more users and therefore more gegevens, OutChat is going to get smarter more precise and subtle. Spil the time goes on, it will understand more of what you are looking for and provide greater value. Or perhaps, an “emotion chip” will be installed someday like the one built for Gegevens from Commence Trek.

Give it a few years and maybe wij will all have our individual dating mentors that will understand what wij are looking for. Spil one of the founders of OutChat, I invite everyone to check out one of the very first matchmaking bots.

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