The most romantic bounty you everzwijn recieved

Have you everzwijn recieved an usual bounty?

What it wasgoed or how it wasgoed?

a collection of Tiffany lamps..the beauty of them are amazing!

there wasgoed a person that i had pined for for years, an ex.

eventually i wasgoed introduced with the chance to talk to this person again and i did and they ultimately said all the things i everzwijn desired them to say. and they talent mij a salvador dali book—huge book, means a loterijlot and he knew it would. it means the most that he missed mij so much that without any indication he would everzwijn see mij again he saved it on the chance that he would.

anyone believe ter 2nd chances? third?

the most romantic bounty i everzwijn received wasgoed an engagement stadionring and a will you marry mij speech! and of course i said &quot,yes&quot, but that will toebijten months from now due to economic reasons.

A COSIMO by with a indeed touching poem. Cried my lungs out.

Our honeymoon wasgoed ter Naples and Rome, Italy. My hubby talent mij one of this awesome sculpture made by an Italian artist for our very first son’s birth.

I feel blessed every time I see it. pastorinapoletani.netwerk

Out of the blue, my ex wifey merienda sent a petite package to the place where I used to work. I opened the opbergruimte, and all that wasgoed te it wasgoed a feather and a note. All the note said wasgoed, &quot,Keep this.&quot,

Incredible!! Inspiring… Glad you collective this.

My hubby! Wij met online, so at that point wij hadn’t met te person yet. I wasgoed doing one of those dumb Myspace bulletin surveys (my sisters and I attempt to see who can be the most witty and entertaining on those, it’s joy to read theirs so I have to participate). One of the questions wasgoed &quot,What do you want for your bday?&quot, My reaction wasgoed something along the lines of, &quot,My ideal present knows I want him.&quot, A duo of days straks he E-mailed mij a copy of his flight confirmation on the toegangsbewijs he’d just bought to arrive here three days before my bday, and he hasn’t left since .

Amazing! It’s like a modern fairy tale. The prince came on a white pony (airplaine) .

ter my defense its very late but i’m getting all teary eyed.

that is a fine story for the future generations, eh?

Yeah, someday it’ll be our grandkids rolling their eyes at us and asking if they truly have to hear the story AGAIN . I do hope that my kids, grandkids, etc. can learn something from the older generations about not lodging. I strongly believe that the volmaakt match is out there if you’re willing to be patient and deny to tie yourself down with anyone who doesn’t gezond. Wij both have our faults, everyone does, but it’s a matter of having the right combination of strengths and weaknesses to mesh with the other person. Okay, now there I go getting mushy. my apologies everyone!

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