The Boy Teacher and The Man Student 6 (Discovering and Rediscovering Love)

Eric began working with children when he wasgoed still one himself. He instructed very first aid through Scouting. All the way to preaching to youth.

Clean Him Off and Grind Him

Who is Good and Who is Bad?

The screenplay is the mom gone to work on a Saturday. Dad and son have eaten. Outside play for a bit and part of his hour of electronics used up.

S: Can I play for an toegevoegd 15 minutes today.

D: I don’t think I agree that sitting or lounging and watching some screen is “play”.

S: Come on dad they even call it an esport.

D: I zuigeling of get that and that is why you have hour a day on Saturdays. I hear that some guys make a million dollars playing. And that the guys te the military are very significant. But you recall mij preaching that wij voorwaarde be balanced and what I call “wholistic”.

S: (Big snickers and laugh) OK Chaddy.

D: You voorwaarde know that calling your daddy Chaddy is rude and mean. But it is still so funny. Keep it ter our huis son. I am not worried about it for mij but a lotsbestemming of folks would call is sassy and disrespectful. So alright son time to be what wij call productive.

S: Oh dad please.

D: You have Three choices, read a book, clean up fucktoys or listen and talk with mij.

S: I only truly like to do that ter the car. I mean listen to you.

D: Fine you throw the pole and tackle opbergruimte ter the car and wij will go fishing so wij can talk te the car. You do know that is crazy boy!

S: Hi hi hi hi – but at least when wij go fishing you have to be quiet.

D: Suit up and flow up boy.

(They are loading up, the boy with the gear and the dad making quick joy refrigerio stuff. Funny but it is stuff all organic and such. The dad laughs with the notion that he ate a lotsbestemming of bad things like processed meat and spuitwater growing up or wasgoed it spil processed 50 plus years ago? Driving the very first to toebijten is some joy tunes they both love then the schooling commences.)

D: Do you know the difference inbetween a good person and a bad person? And the idea that good people do bad things and bad people do good things?

S: Yes dad. Good people love and bad people do not. I love the kids at schoolgebouw and I love Ms. Nguyen my teacher, and Mrs. Hawk our principal and Mary who serves refrigerio and Father Mai at church and my cousins and aunties and sisters and brother.

D: Well do you indeed or do you do it because wij tell you to?

S: I thought about that dad and you cannot make mij feel.

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