That is so superb.

what are the things that a doll wants and does not want to hear form a fellow

i want to know the do’s and the do not’s,when talking to things that make hier like mij and things that do not

Just listen to hier. Look focused and genuine.

Say things that make hier feel special..that way you will be assured ‘success’

Oh jesus, yes.. aah.

you mean you actually understood all that??

Suggestion Number One:

Of course, your media woman wants to hear about religion during a very first date.

You’re telling reciting lines from Starlet Trek is a BAD idea.

Spil the Klingon’s say

phew. I’m so loosened that I do not understand that.

It means I’m only an intermediate level nerd.

A palms not just made just to say &quot,Hi’ to Vulcans, you know

Oh maker Greek. I love your humor and wit. I can’t zekering laughing. That is so fine.

What a female wants to hear from a fellow:

The truth. What he’s thinking, what he wants, what he likes to do.

Some kleuter of manipulated conversation te which he attempts to figure out what she wants him to say ter order to make hier like him.

You don’t make somebody feel safe, you let them feel safe by proving they can trust you. That can’t toebijten if your idea of a communicating is guessing what she would want you to say.

This is a good topic, I believe that the security ter which a woman seeks ter a man says a loterijlot. The communication and listening to one another with permitting Schepper to be very first raises a standard. A woman always like to hear how significant they mean to the masculine. There is something deep inwards a woman that is of such nourishment that is needed from our mates that brings a fresh woman out with encouragment of stability of what they mean ter the relationship. When many women don’t hear this, some get low self esteem and start to view themselves spil inappropriate te the relationship.

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