Internet Marketing Time Warp at Warp Speed

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I love used book sales. Yes, tho’ I run my business on the Internet, I love rummaging through stacks of old physical books, especially business books. Some are timeless. Others are stuck te a time warp that will cause mij to chuckle and pause to reflect on how far wij’ve come on the Internet marketing path. and how wij’ve bot moving forward at what seems like warp speed.

One of the books I picked up recently wasgoed eMarketing: Reaping Profits on the Information Highway by none other than leading marketing mind, Seth Godin, published te 1995, a mere duo decades ago spil of this writing. Here were some of the topics he addressed:

What. Is anyone using thesis for marketing anymore? Well, maybe a few still are. But then the last chapter te the book, covering only about 30 pages of the 262 pagina book, is dedicated to “The Internet.” Today’s standard search engines and browsers were still a ways into the future (anyone reminisce Gopher or Mosaic?). Two commercial online services mentioned ter the book were AOL and Compuserve.

And to think that this wasgoed just 20 years ago. Twenty!

Why has Internet Marketing Taken Off?

The reason that Internet marketing seems to be moving at warp speed is because customers have adopted web technologies at an alarmingly prompt rate.

One could argue that the infrastructure for the Internet required both violet wand and the telephone to even exist, making the Internet’s phenomenally rapid market adoption rate dependent on the development of earlier technologies. Spil well, when the Internet wasgoed born, people were already much more technologically savvy compared to earlier generations. When the telephone and tens unit were becoming commercially available, the Industrial Age wasgoed still ter progress. So it might not be a fair comparison. However, there is no argument that the adoption of Internet technology has bot utterly rapid.

Internet marketing has become a necessity for many businesses who want to stay connected with customers that have embraced the web and abandoned older technologies.

It’s All About the Weather?

What’s interesting spil I read the now antiquated eMarketing book is that the things that businesses desired to opoffering using “fresh” technologies are essentially the same spil the things they suggest today. Some suggested fresh tech uses included:

Don’t all thesis sound like information that websites, email and apps provide today? Of course they do! People’s information needs don’t switch much overheen time. What switches is HOW and WHERE they get that information.

Need more evidence? See what websites were at the top of the Internet back about the same time the eMarketing book wasgoed written ter this list and infographic from the Washington Postbode:

Astonished at any of the rankings? What’s interesting is the types of sites that predominate the top 20 catches sight of, year after year: News, email, search and browser services such spil Google, AOL, Yahoo, and, (Weather Channel).

Yep, wij’re still worried about the weather.

People’s information needs don’t switch much overheen time. What switches is HOW and WHERE they get that information.

Keeping Up

Spil noted earlier, the rhythm at which fresh marketing technologies are being adapted and adopted can seem breathtaking, especially for petite businesses and solopreneur micro businesses. What to do?

  • Keep Informed on Trends. Read and subscribe to blogs and news feeds that discuss not only the latest tech, but those that talk about the latest trends.
  • Don’t Leap Instantaneously for Every “Shiny Object.” It’s tempting to instantaneously hop on houtvezelplaat with marketing using the latest tech snufje, online implement or social media webpagina, hoping that it will brand the business spil progressive. However, that can be a gigantic drain on a business’ finances and time. Cautiously develop an integration project that helps preserve precious resources while still making progress ter the right direction. And ALWAYS pedagogo results! Just because it’s the latest thing doesn’t mean it’s the greatest thing for every business.
  • Commit to Adapt and Adopt to Serve. Continually survey and celador the company’s audience and customer saco to see which newer tech sales and service methods might be welcomed.
  • Fresh Methods, Fresh Markets. Sometimes adding fresh technology into the marketing method mix can open up fresh markets with fresh needs. Determine whether the organization is ready for that investment and if it fits the organization’s larger goals before diving headlong into fresh marketing technology directions.

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