Evil Minion Names

The Aspiring Overlord’s guidebook to choosing unique evil minion names!

Have you everzwijn had to choose a name for one of your evil minions?

Feeling a little uncreative when it comes to creating evil minion names?

If that is the case, and wij know it might be, then welcome to what is possibly the greatest resource on Minion Names! Are wij permitted to boast like that? Sure, wij are! After all, wij are The Minion Factory – and, minions are what wij know best! So, gather around aspiring youthfull evil overlords, and permit the Minion Factory to entertain you. Today, wij will be training you how to choose the best name for your little minions from our ULTIMATE LIST! Wij will also instruct you how to cook up your own names with an effortless to go after recipe! Have joy!

Selfish Promotion: Did you know that The Minion Factory wrote an article explaining to youthfull overlords how to take care of their minions?

About minion names

A few things to know before wij begin naming them!

Because wij are so amazingly evil, creative and simply awesome, wij are going to skip all the bimbo techno-mumbo-jumbo, flowery introductions and cookies, diving straight into the nitty-gritty! You see, youthful overlord, there are a few trascendental things to consider before naming your minion. Essentially it is a puny dummies’ list of things to know. Things like:

1. Are minion names restricted by gender, and or age?

Two. Should the minion’s name reflect its personality?

Trio. Can wij switch a minion’s name?

Four. What are the most common minion names?

Five. How do I choose a unique clever evil name for my minion?

But, fear not youthful one. The Minion factory has everything under control! If you give us some more cookies, and maybe vodka, wij will train you everything that there is to know about naming your minions.

Gender-Benders – Minion names for everybody!

You asked us and wij answered! Are minion names restricted by gender, and or age?

No! Did you know that the majority of minions are asexuado? This means that minion names aren’t restricted by gender! Isn’t that fine news?

But, what about age? When is a minion simply too old to receive a name? This too is another effortless question to reaction. Spil long spil your minion plays a vitalista role te your scheme to take overheen the world – it needs a name! [According to The Minion Handbook, Chapter VI, para. Four.b] After all, where is the joy te shouting “Number 11, pull that lever!” or “Number Two, bring mij my laser of perpetual suffering!” when you could be screaming “Slasher! Feed mij more of the wedding cat!” So, if the minion ter question is going to play a vitalista role te your evil schemes, then wij advise that you give it a name, no matter its age.

Understood? Good. Moving on.

Minion Personality Traits

The name should reflect the personality type!

You asked us whether the name wij are going to give a minion should reflect its personality or not. The response, youthful unenlightened overlord, is a very elementary “Yes”. Did you know that most of the time the name is inspired by the personality traits (or disfigurements!) of your minion. Does it have a few missing teeth? Name it Gap! An annoying will-less making the minion stands out from the surplus? Well, Will-less seems to be a fine name, doesn’t it? Does your little particular minion stammer when it stands te your almighty wicked presence? Name the minion Wiggles! “Pull that lever Jiggles!”

Switching a minion’s name – Why? Because wij can!

It is rumored that there comes a time te every overlord’s life when he or she switches priorities. All of a sudden, taking overheen the world isn’t that charming anymore. Stealing Christmas presents have become a abate and tedious chore. Pursuing after the hero has lost its previous luster.

Why should you be the only one to switch, during this confusing time? Go ahead and switch the names of your minions! See that big burly minion holding the cudgel? Switch his name from Bash to something flowery like Whack-a-Doo, or perhaps Smack-a-Doo?

Consider yourself to be an arty lyrical overlord? Begin rhyming their names and add diversity (and rhythm) te your evil career! “Whack-a-Doo, Smack-a-Doo and Slap-a-Doo, bring my tea and morning newspaper, before I turn a blue hue!”

Disclaimer: The Minion Factory cannot ensure the effectiveness of your evil reputation merienda you begin making up sing-song rhymes. Te fact, if you are gravely thinking about doing that, wij would recommend you read “Get motivated and take back your life!” urgently!

What are the most common minion names?

Because I am lazy and don’t want to create my own!

[PLEASE NOTE: The minions moved this section to the bottom of the pagina ter an attempt to annoy us. Wij apologize for the inconvenience. Or not. I’m getting a little too old for this *breathes*]

I want to choose a unique and clever name for my minion!

Ter seven effortless steps!

Wij created this “easy-to-read” section with your serious plight ter mind. Aren’t wij nice? Yes. I know. Wij are. Very! Now, please permit this rambling and dotting old overlord to share with you the secret of choosing unique and creative evil names for your minions. Besides, only wise old overlords are permitted to ramble, or toevluchthaven’t you read The Tao of the Evil Overlord? Getting back on topic.

Make a strong cup of coffee, tea, vodka, milk or Kool-Aid. Significant to note that it vereiste be strong and vereiste be YOUR beloved beverage. Otherwise, make something for us. Vodka mixed with coffee! Wij won’t mind. Now, drink the beverage.

Make another cup of your dearest beverage. Drink slower this time. Reminisce. Manners! Presentation is everything.

Look at the minion ter question. Jot down what you want for dinner, err, a duo of personality traits and other significant disfigurements unique to this specific minion.

Make sure that you have read “Introducing The Minion Factory!” What? Wij are a bunch of sneaky evil overlords, so selfish self-promotion comes with the package.

Determine what type of personality the little evil minion has. Is it an artsy and dreamy minion? Is it a burly bashing minion? Or perhaps it is the well-intending but clumsy minion type? Write down this spil it is utterly significant!

Read our list that goes after and choose a unique name for your evil minion!

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