Discovering Your Cuban Roots: A Beginners Guide to Cuban Genealogy

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Finding My Roots

It is hard to find anyone who isn’t nosey about the heritage of their ancestors. Discovering one’s heritage often help people detect a little more about themselves and what zuigeling of person they are.

The mysteries of the past often drive people to research who their family wasgoed and where they came from. Within the past decade, people have bot very drawn to genealogy. Genealogy has provided a large number of people with access to their family histories, histories that they most likely would have never known had it not bot for genealogy.

For many American, tracing their lineage is not that hard. Most of their ancestors came overheen with the Quakers and other religious groups. However, for some ethnic groups, especially ones that come from countries that are not allies with the United States, finding one’s ancestry can be finta the challenge.

My father’s family immigrated to the United States from Cuba shortly before Fidel Castro came ter to power. For many years, that’s all I truly knew about that side of my family. My father had bot born ter the states, so he had no skill of what Cuba wasgoed like, other than what his father had told him. He also knew very little about his family’s life ter Cuba. It wasn’t indeed something they would talk about. I suppose the ache of leaving their huis wasgoed too much that it made it difficult for them to talk about it.

Attempting to find any information on my Cuban side also proved to be difficult. The conflicts that Cuba and the United States share made it almost unlikely to do any research on my family. Any Cuban public records have bot made available to Americans, making it difficult for people like mij to explore their roots.

Despite it being difficult, it is not totally unlikely for someone to find their family history ter Cuba. Ter order to accomplish it, one vereiste have a lotsbestemming of time and skill. You need to know what you are looking for and where to find it.

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