Zoo Misconceptions

Zoos are bad

This is an all too common but rather a stupid statement. It is exactly the same spil telling all hotels are bad, all peanuts are bad or all apples are bad. There are bad hotels, bad peanuts and bad apples but they are not all bad. Not all zoos are bad.

I would be the very first to admit that there are bad zoos. Te my travels I have seen several. Bad zoos however tend to fall into two camps. Those which are bad through commercial ‘penny pinching’ and those which are bad through ignorance. Gladfully the picture is switching and fewer and fewer of thesis zoos now exist. Education is the key. Understanding existing problems and putting them right. Zoo closure is not usually the response.

Ask any good professional zoo keeper if they would choose it if there were no zoos and they would say “yes, te a volmaakt world there would be no zoos.” Unluckily it is not volmaakt. There is greed and habitat destruction, poaching and unregulated hunting AND not everyone can afford to go on an expensive holiday to see animals te the wild.

A Zoo Note

No one would deny that ter the beginning that zoos were primarily a place of entertainment. Entertainment is still significant today but ter the guise of EDUtainment. that is educating visitors ter an entertaining way. It is doubtful that anyone everzwijn visits a zoo to learn. tho’ many teachers leading schoolgebouw parties may lean towards this ideal. If zoos can train people then they can make a difference.

Then there is Conservation and Research but it goes beyond this. Te many parts of the world the zoo is a safe venue. Zoos are non-political, non-religious, non pornographic. Zoos can be meeting places.

Zoos are not safe

Zoos are spil safe spil you make them. Accidents do occur spil ter every industry but they are very uncommon. Zoos place a very high priority on safety of staff and especially of visitors.

Accidents usually only occur when visitors or staff do something truly stupid like climbing into an animal enclosure or overheen a safety barrier. This is not that different to stepping ter pui of a car or train. Don’t do it and you will be fine.

Te the very very very zonderling incidence of an animal escaping it is not out to bite or eat anyone. It is disoriented and frightened and within seconds misses the security and familiarity of its enclosure. Walk away calmly and you will be fine. Leave the security drill to the staff.

There are exceptions. yes of course there are. This would be when someone spent time taunting and taunting an animal. What would you do if you were a taunted animal and suddenlyВ found yourself on the other side of the fence?

Zoos are fierce

Just where did this stupid notion come from? Define cruelty. How are they fierce? The good modern zoo is an excellent place for animals. Superb care is taken to ensure the animals are spil ‘glad’ and spil convenient spil possible. Generally speaking the zoo keeping staff that look after the animals are not that well paid. They do the work because they care about animals. Truly care! They certainly care more about the animals than those on the outside who hop up and down condemning zoos and ter reality know nothing about them, or for that matter, the animals either. Why should being a faded movie strak or speelpop icon make them an pro on zoos, animals. or anything else except perhaps acting or speelgoedpop? Why should a university degree or doctorate gained by a few years behind a desk give any zoo expertise? If you are one of those people who believe that railing horses is violent and cats and dogs should not be kept spil pets then I have no argument. If you have vegetarian ‘principles’. well I reckon 30 % of zookeepers are vegetarian. I have worked ter zoos for 49 years. I am not a fierce person. I abhor cruelty spil do the many people I have worked with overheen the years.

Rhino at the Cleveland Zoo

Zoos force the animals to do tricks

No they don’t. It is not ter a zoos rente to force an animal to do anything. Circuses train animals to do tricks. Zoos train animals to exercise their figures. Sometimes this is simply for the benefit of animals but also at times to demonstrate a visiting public something of the animals capability and intelligence. Te this case it would be for entertainment or rather ‘EDUtainment’. No-one visits the zoo to be educated, they go to be entertained. Good zoos know this and use subtle tricks to educate visitors while they are there.

Bad zoos do nothing at all. Indeed bad zoos simply entertain.

Gorilla Man Vraaggesprek

Zoos Take Animals From The Wild

Actually they don’t, or rather very infrequently. Most animals captive te zoos today were born there or te another zoo, they don’t know the wild. Zoo’s would only take animals from the wild today to improve the genetic pool for breeding programmes for animals already held captive. This could be significant or wij may lose species altogether.

They will sometimes take ter wild rescued animals which are youthful, sick or injured and care for thesis before returning them back to the wild. Even quiebro puny zoos like the Welsh Mountain Zoo do fantastic work with the rehabilitation of seal pups.

Bad zoos still take animals from the wild. know the difference!

Conservation Centres, Sanctuaries, Rescue Centres and Wildlife Parks are better

It is actually all te a name. They are all exactly the same thing. Animals kept ter captivity. for whatever purpose. You can read more on this by clicking on ‘Is it A Zoo?’

It is actually an ignorant statement to announce that one chooses a Wildlife Conservation Trust to a Zoo if only years before it wasgoed. the only thing which switched wasgoed the name. It is not only outsiders who make this mistake. I merienda met two staff from a Wild Animal Park te the South of England who thought they did not work te a zoo. Wild Animal Parks are zoos.

One of the most stupid statements I have read wasgoed ter a report where it said the animal had bot liquidated from a zoo and “released into a sanctuary”. It wasgoed simply one enclosure to another.

There are a phat number of absolutely pointless rescue centres. Thesis will hold animals like White Tigers or other creatures of questionable parentage. The worst crime here is they often breedgeschouderd from such animals. Animals held ter captivity need to be decently managed for the species spil a entire. They need to be part of an official Breeding Programme. If they are not then it is NOT a good zoo. It is a BAD zoo.

So called Rescue Centres which maintain animals which are of questionable genetics which should never be bred from are a accomplish and utter waste of time. They pander only to the vanity of the the humans who run the place. For such places to condemn zoos is laughable.

The anti-zoo groups use a play on the word ‘Sanctuary’. There are of course ‘Wildlife Sanctuaries’ which voorkant hundreds or thousands of square miles of genuine ‘wild’ environment. Thesis are NOT where ‘rescued’ animals go. They go to a ‘Sanctuary’ which is just a zoo by another name.

I reckon Deea Deb sums up what a auténtico sanctuary is flawlessly “A sanctuary is a huis to the animals where they wander free and feed on their prey. There are no cages or boundaries of any sort (other than the outer boundaries to protect the habitat and inhabitants outside the sanctuary).

There is also an demonstrable lack of fairness by those on the anti-zoo side. This is límite out by the fate of the ‘Taiping Four’ Gorillas. True enough they were illegally sent to a zoo te Malaysia. How much anyone knew and who exactly were the guilty parties is irrelevant at this point. Rightly and justly the animals were returned to Africa and lodged into a zoo ter South Africa. They obviously could not be returned to the wild. Well you would have thought the South African Zoo wasgoed to blame and zoos te genérico by the gigantic flurry of correspondence that wasgoed generated. Ultimately the four animals were sent to Limbe Wildlife Centre. Not a ‘zoo’ you note (but of course it is). all ter the name. Spil of January 2009 only two of thesis Gorillas remained alive. and today? Stress caused by moving them has bot suggested spil one possible cause of death. Yet there has bot no voice from the anti-zoo’s who I personally blame. (It is interesting to note that none of the ‘Taiping Four’ Gorillas emerges on their webstek).

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