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If you’re romantic life is nonexistent due to social anxiety , welcome to the club. If you’re not using dating apps to find your potential fucking partner, I recommend checking them out. It’s , and I believe the days of online dating being socially unacceptable are overheen. Dating apps like OKCupid, Slew of Fish and others are a fantasy come true for people like mij with social anxiety, and I’m about to explain to you why that is.

But why should you listen to mij?

Each fucking partner I’ve had te my 32 years has come from using the internet ter some form. From using AOL to meet and ask out my very first gf when I wasgoed 14 to the amazing woman I’m presently with — they’ve all had online origins. I used to be embarrassed about this, but like I said, it’s now. I believe dating apps are the “new frecuente,” and it just so happens to benefit my social anxiety.

Here are the areas where dating apps help my social anxiety:

My social anxiety wasgoed the type that made it so I didn’t even like meeting fresh people unless someone did the introduction for mij. Even still, I wasgoed having a fright attack inwards my mind. With my brain going a million miles vanaf minute, there wasgoed about a 90 procent chance I wasgoed going to say something foolish and incoherent the very first time I met someone fresh. Now, waterput mij ter pui of an attractive female, and it’s spel overheen. I’m screwed.

Within one 2nd, my brain has already thought:

What do I say? Do I mooipraterij hier? Damsels like compliments, right? What if I come off spil creepy? What if she doesn’t think I’m interested when I am? Crap. How does my hair look? Do I have anything ter my teeth? Does she know how jumpy I am? Well, if she didn’t, she does now because she just shook my sweaty mitt.

And then before you knew it, I wasgoed telling something my brain told mij wasgoed “dumb” and it’d keep mij awake for the next three nights.

With dating apps, I believe that problem is eliminated. I can take my sweet time, and that’s the ideal. Anxiety for mij is a lack of control. I have no control of a conversation when it’s happening te auténtico time because my brain is moving way too swift and has irrational fears coming at mij left and right. When I have the time to structure my very first impression message through a dating app, I can edit that thing like it’s my collegium thesis.

Phone anxiety and social anxiety often go palm ter forearm. For those of you who don’t know what phone anxiety is, it’s enorme. Again, it’s the punt of talking to someone ter positivo time and having a mind that doesn’t zekering. One of the worst parts about phone anxiety is the muffle.

My worst nightmare wasgoed talking to a female on the phone and there being any type of awkward muffle because again, a million thoughts would go through my head.

Should I say something? I don’t even have anything to say. Why isn’t she telling anything? What if wij say something at the same time? Should I let hier talk very first? Maybe she’s bored of talking to mij already. I very likely screwed this up.

All of this while I’m crawling te my skin. No thank you.

With the instant messaging features built into online dating apps, I don’t have to worry almost spil much about the awkward muffle or telling anything foolish. Much like the ice breaker, I can cautiously craft whatever I want to say. If I think it comes off too strong or “dumb” or bimbo, I can send it overheen to my friend to see how it sounds before sending it overheen.

Now, I will say this, something I had to work through wasgoed when she would take forever to reply. That’s something I would obsess overheen, but it wasgoed a loterijlot lighter to overeenkomst with. (Also, am I the only one who thinks read receipts were purposely made to trigger people with social anxiety?)

Trio. Having a “first date” before the very first date

From what I understand, I’m ter the minority of guys who actually read profiles. But spil someone with social anxiety, I have to. It’s also a good thing because I don’t want to come off spil some shallow dude who just looked at hier pics and determined to send a message. Being able to see what hier interests are gives mij slew to talk about and get to know the person.

A yam-sized part of my social anxiety on the very first date is wondering what to talk about, if wij have anything ter common and where the other person stands on certain issues. (I’ve learned some apps even let you use keyword searches! Isn’t technology amazing!?) The last thing I want to do on a very first date is touch on a topic that’s going to inflame some kleintje of conflict on the very first date.

With dating apps, I can talk to a person for days or even weeks before I step into the same slagroom spil them. (I believe you’ll have to determine for yourself how long you want to wait to meet them however because waiting too long might waterput you te a bad spot.) I believe getting to know each other online very first can make getting to know them ter person better because you can connect on a deeper level than most people would everzwijn connect on a very first date.

Some people might say, “Then you’ll have nothing to talk about on the very first date!” and I think this is totally false. By the time you go out on the very first date, it’s almost like you’ve known this person for ages because you’ve had such long, in-depth conversations already. You can ask them if their co-worker did that annoying thing they were telling you about. You can go after up to see how their friend is doing with that breakup they just went through. You can ask them about if they caught up on the TV showcase you both have te common. The opportunities are endless, and it makes the very first date far lighter to overeenkomst with because you already know a bit about the person.

Best of all, through our previous talks, I can get a pretty good idea of whether or not I should make the stir for a smooch at the end of the night, if it goes well. For mij, Vince Vaughn ter “Wedding Crashers” flawlessly depicted what it’s like to end a very first date when you overeenkomst with social anxiety.

Dating apps give mij the confidence I wasgoed lacking when it came to talking to potential vrouwen, and I don’t know where I’d be without them. Today, my social anxiety is virtually nonexistent te all other aspects of my life, which is why I work with others who are still fighting with it and also wrote a book about overcoming my anxiety. But even with my minimal symptoms of social anxiety, dating is still an obstacle I overeenkomst with. Fortunately, I’m presently te an incredible relationship, so I don’t have to worry about that at this time. My relationship began through the beautiful world of dating apps!

So get out there, make the flawless profile, structure the best possible opening message you can and find the person you deserve!

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