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(Old rooftop conversation) [1]

Kokona Haruka is one of the female students and the current test rival that attends Akademi High Schoolgebouw.



Kokona wears the default female schoolgebouw uniform, unless customized by the player.

Before the February 8th, Build, she had purple colored hair worn te two drill ponytails. Hier eyes were light purple spil well.

Spil of the February 8th, Build, she has light purple spiky bangs which sweep to the right of hier face and twindrills. She has dark purple eyes, fair skin and a very large bust size, set at Two.

Spil of the September 22nd, build, Kokona wears purple stockings and undies.

Spil of the January 16th, Build, Kokona wears a purple friendship bracelet on hier right wrist, unless hier reputation is very low.


Kokona striking a lovely pose.

Among the personas presently implemented ter the spel, she is a Social Butterfly. She will joyfully pose for a picture if Yandere-chan aims hier camera at hier. If she sees a corpse or witnesses a murder, she will run to the nearest secluded area and call the police. She cannot participate ter physical fights against murderers unless she witnesses them murder Saki Miyu or Riku Soma, if he is hier bf.

If she has hier phone out when eyeing a corpse or witnessing a murder, she will switch to the Phone Junkie persona.

According to hier Student Profile, Kokona may be participating te compensated dating (also known spil Enjo kosai) and may be a victim of domestic manhandle, however the latter is proven false spil of the June 1st, Build. Albeit she does not love it, Kokona only engages te such an activity to attempt and help hier father out of debt.

If she and Yandere-chan everzwijn teamed up to kidnap Musume Ronshaku, Musume would be able to thrust Kokona to the point of murder if she repeatedly mocked hier father’s financial situation and hier compensated dating. [Two]

Ter one of Druelbozo’s rivulets, he explains that Kokona attempts hard to become popular, but she is permanently bullied. [Three]



At 7:04 AM, Kokona comes in the schoolgebouw grounds. She walks to hier locker at 7:06 AM and switches from hier outdoor footwear to hier indoor boots. At 7:15 AM, she walks into the plaza, to the left side of the fountain, and gossips with Yui Rio, Yuna Hina, Koharu Hinata, Mei Mio, and Saki Miyu.

At 8:00 AM, Kokona walks into Classroom 3-2 and sits at hier desk. She starts hier morning classes at 8:30 AM, and leaves the classroom at 1:00 PM and goes to the cafeteria to gossip.

Kokona walks back to class again at 1:30 PM and participates te cleaning time inbetween Trio:30 PM and Four:00 PM. She then goes to the Cooking Club and stays there until Five:00 PM.


On Monday, at 7:45 AM, Kokona receives a call from a mysterious stranger and runs to the doorway te vooraanzicht of the lockers furthest to the right when facing the schoolgebouw. She goes to the rooftop from 1:Ten PM to 1:20 PM to talk with Saki about what is vaguely hinted to be domestic manhandle. After cleaning time she goes to the Cooking Club, makes octopus-shaped hot dogs, and shares them with hier friends.

On Wednesday, at 7:30 AM, Kokona goes to the damsels’ bathroom on the very first floor. She stays te the classroom until 1:03, when she walks down to the plaza with hier refrigerio. Merienda she arrives at 1:07, she places hier refrigerio down on a bench and goes to hide behind a tree to admire Senpai.

On Thursday, at 7:15 AM, she goes to the shower slagroom to take a shower and leaves hier phone inwards hier locker, which the player can steal. After cleaning time she makes octopus-shaped hot dogs and shares them with the other members.


When Kokona wasgoed junior, she wasgoed a regular nice kind with the potential to become anything she desired to, just like any other. [Four]

Kokona talking with Saki Miyu about hier family problems on the rooftop.

It is assumed ter a conversation inbetween hier and Saki Miyu on the rooftop that she has bot manhandled by hier toasted father after hier mother’s death. This is incorrect. When spoken to, Kokona will talk about how hier father comes to hier to sob about his debt problems. Hier family is very broke due to a loan he took out to pay for Kokona’s schoolgebouw tuition, accidentally becoming te debt with a group of loan sharks, called Ronshaku Loans.

Kokona Haruka is also involved te compensated dating with a person who she has seen at least merienda te Shisuta Town. If Kokona’s dark secret is bought, Yandere-chan will receive movie footage of Kokona selling used undies to a boy from another schoolgebouw that can be used spil blackmail. Kokona does this to pay for hier father’s debts.

Kokona has a uniform that is too taut around the chest. She will ask Yandere-chan to get hier a fresh one. To achieve this, she has to buy a clean uniform from the drops spijskaart using Five pantykous shots, and then take the uniform to the sewing slagroom and alter it. She will thank hier after the fresh, altered uniform has bot given.


Saki Miyu

Kokona is seemingly good friends with Saki, and almost opens up to hier about hier father’s debt problems. According to Saki’s Student Profile, Kokona is willing to tell Saki about individual matters, but not too much.

However, if Saki learns about Kokona’s compensated dating, she will be distraught and won’t do anything to help Kokona out. Te the utter spel, Saki might have comforting animations for Kokona, but will avoid hier if it gets too bad. [Five]

Saki Miyu will not be Kokona’s senpai, spil they are just friends. [6]

It is exposed that Kokona had Saki involved ter hier plans for hier father to get out of debt, however regrets having Saki help hier, spil Saki planned to sell hier underpants to boys from other schools, but wasgoed too embarrassed to carry it out. This sets up Saki’s task for Yandere-chan to find hier hooter-sling somewhere at schoolgebouw.

Spil of the September 15th, Build, Saki will attack Yandere-chan if she kills Kokona te vooraanzicht of hier.


Since she is a test rival, she has a crush on him. Kokona calls him “Senpai”, even however they’re ter the same class. She might also be moved to either Class 2-1 or Class 2-2 so that she can still call hier crush “Senpai”. [7] Presently, the only event that shows hier feelings is hier Wednesday speech, where she hides behind the tree and speaks while staring at Senpai. This event can be used spil an chance to poison Kokona’s bento.

Riku Soma

Kokona’s secondary crush is Riku and spil of the 22nd of September, Build, Yandere-chan can matchmake Kokona with him.


The topics that Kokona likes and dislikes are spil goes after:

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