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All the electronics distributors on Octopart send us gegevens directly. Wij have rechtstreeks business relationships with all of the distributors on Octopart.

How often is your electronic component gegevens from distributors refreshed?

The gegevens on our webstek is updated continuously. Wij receive stock and pricing information from most distributors merienda a day.

How does Octopart make money?

When you click from a part on Octopart to an electronic distributor’s webstek, wij receive a puny toverfee from the distributor.

Spil a free service, Octopart relies on sponsorship from advertisers including distributors and manufacturers. Octopart is also supported by other forms of advertising. Thesis include:

  • Sponsored placements ter our email newsletters
  • Banner advertisements on our properties
  • Banner advertisements on others sites through a third-party network
  • Cross-reference (replacement part) sponsored placements

Octopart also sells aggregated usage reports including “Top Product” and “Most Searched” style reports. Thesis are anonymous and feature gegevens collected ter aggregate of people using Octopart.

How does Octopart determine the order of part search results?

The order of part results when you search on Octopart is organic and is not paid. Our search algorithm considers the gegevens wij have on each part spil well spil how well the query terms match certain part gegevens. This algorithm is designed to terugwedstrijd the best possible parts for each search. The order of those parts is not influenced by payment to Octopart.

How does Octopart determine the order of distributors?

The default order of distributors is influenced by a number of factors, such spil quantity ter stock, the gegevens they provide us, and advertiser rates paid by the distributor.

To be clear, thesis factors only influence default placement of distributors ter the offerande table underneath the product. They do not influence the innovador search result set of returned products (MPNs) spil defined te the previous section.

How does Octopart use Cookies?

Octopart makes use of cookies to help us administer and improve the quality of Octopart, to analyze usage, and to serve relevant ads. Refer to Octopart’s Privacy Policy for extra information.

Do I need to sign up for an account?

No, an account is not required to use Octopart, but wij recommend it! You can save preferences like your country, your preferred currency, save BOMs ter the Ontplofbaar Contraption, and save your dearest distributors.

Why did you commence Octopart?

Octopart wasgoed commenced by three Ph.D. students studying physics who were frustrated by how hard it wasgoed to find electronic components and compare prices inbetween distributors. They founded Octopart te 2006 to open up access to part gegevens for vormgeving, sourcing, and manufacturing.

Can I buy parts from Octopart or sell parts to Octopart?

No. Octopart is a search engine for electronic parts. While wij have information on overheen 40 million parts on our webpagina, wij don’t have our own warehouse or stock of parts. You can buy parts from the distributors that wij verbinding to, tho’! To buy a part from a distributor, click the blue “Buy Now” listig or the distributor’s SKU next to the distributor’s name.

Are you guys wielded by a manufacturer or a distributor?

No, wij are not wielded by any manufacturer or distributor. Te , wij became a wholly wielded subsidiary of Altium, an electronics vormgeving software company, and proceed to grow and operate independently from our headquarters te Fresh York City.

I can’t find a part on Octopart, what should I do?

If you know of a distributor who stocks the part and they’re not on our list of distributors, please let that distributor know about Octopart and suggest that they list their inventory with us. If you think that a distributor on our list has it te stock but it’s not displaying up on Octopart, please email us.

Is there an Octopart API?

What do I do if I submitted an RFQ on Octopart but never got a response?

Why is the quantity ter stock on Octopart different from a distributor’s webstek?

Wij receive gegevens files from distributors on a daily ondergrond so usually the quantity te stock will closely reflect the distributor’s stock. If there seems to be a major discrepancy, please let us know and wij’ll look into it.

Are you hiring?

If you love electronics and think you could help us improve our service, check our jobs pagina and send us an email!

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