Most common ten symptoms of falling te love Falling love is the most common things te every ones life.

Falling love is the most common things ter every ones life. Everybody feels love ter his life today or tomorrow. Its the most common and heavenly feelings te the world. There are many symptoms when you are te love. But some symptoms are common. Today um gonna tell you about common ten symptoms of falling te love.

Number : 1 symptoms

The most common symptom is you will commence listings romantic soft songs. You will leave behind about all hip-hop and classical music until you don’t involve ter affair. And when you will listen those romantic song you will undoubtedly think about your crash.

2nd symptoms

2nd symptom is you will loss your concentration from your work and investigate. Every step of work you will think about your love. Sometimes it will seems very funny for your friends. Some times it will make you very timid.

3rd symptoms

You will embark smiling without any reason. And specially you will smile when you will be alone.

4th symptom

Every time and every ogenblik you will be thinking of your crash. Before go to bloembed and after wake up. and every time you will be glad to think about your love. and sometimes you will think too much and you will project for your entire life with your love.

5th symptoms

Another thing is if your crash avoid you will never make your crash understand that you are felling bad.. you will behave like that you don’t fell nothing. 😛 😛 it happens frndzzz

6th symptoms :

If your crash called you will surely smile when you will see his or hier name on your mobile screen. nd undoubtedly you will very glad when you will talk with him or hier. may be your finger will be crossed. .

7th symptoms

All of your friends and close cousins will be boring for you. When you spend your time with your friends you will fell bore. you will just wait when you are gonna see your love. 🙂

8th symptoms

You will feel meaningless for all gossip and advice about relationship and affair. Because then you will thinking about your theory.

9th symptoms

your main activity will create special attention for yourself from your love. your dress, looks will switch and you will be very blessed when your crash will just leave a plain comment about you.

10th symptoms

Friends the most and significant thing is you will begin matching with my symptoms if you are ter love, ter fact you embarked it. .

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