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Its More Than Just One Webpagina

eBay possesses several companies. You most likely know that they bought out Paypal a few years back, but that’s not the only webpagina they own and operate. Like Amazon, eBay survived the dot com bubble of the mid 1990s and has bot calmly growing its primary business spil well spil acquiring other interests. This hub looks at and examines those other companies.


Paypal commenced ter 1998 spil a company using a specific form of electronic payments inbetween two parties using the internet for thesis transactions to take place. It charges a toverfee depending on the type of transactions and also if the transaction occur via credit card or from another country. Paypal wasgoed acquired by eBay te 2002. There were many electronic ways from several different companies to make transactions for payments to occur online, including those at the time suggested by Citibank, PelĂ­cula del Oeste Union and Yahoo. Yet it wasgoed Paypal that wasgoed the buyers choice and until its acquisition, buyers by more than 50% were using Paypal on paying their eBay transactions.

Paypal manages accounts ter overheen 25 currencies, hundreds of countries, overheen 230 million accounts and millions of transactions daily. There is a hint of rumor that Paypal will look into using Near Field Technology for transactions on mobile devices for payments methods te the future. offers books, textbooks, music, movies, movie games, and movie spel consoles, but instead of using a toverfee to list it sells on a commission ondergrond for thesis products. Sellers are required to ship sold items within three days and usually pay any shipping fees.


Craigslist began off spil a webstek suggesting listed classifieds and wasgoed commenced by Craig Newmark when he arrived te the San Francisco Bay area te the mid 90s. Not knowing anyone he embarked sending emails to people containing information about particular or social events ter the area. This then grew into a forum on a webstek and straks, classified ads were added. Now the sites offers classified ads, resumes, services and products for sale, community services and event postings, gigs, job adverts and personals.

eBay acquired Craigslist ter 2004 yet only has a 25% stake with Craig Newmark with a larger share and Jim Buckmaster (current CEO of Craigslist) with the remaining third share


Gumtree a regional classified ads to help out those moving inbetween places or residences wasgoed began ter 2000 ter England and acquired by Kijiji, a subsidiary of eBay. Gumtree offers free listings and paid listings to emerge on the gevelbreedte huis pagina. The webpagina is very popular and available te South Africa, Canada, Australia, England, Poland, France, Canada and Dubai.


Most likely eBay’s most expensive purchase to date. Skype is a movie to movie singular or multi party movie or voice overheen IP telephony service overheen the internet. Skype to Skype services are usually free, albeit there are payable services on suggest spil well. eBay had hoped to use Skype spil a means of buyer and seller communicating through eBay before and during transactions. It wasgoed met with very little uitzicht of that eventuating.

A 70% stake wasgoed suggested spil an IPO suggesting which wasgoed acquired by Silver Lake Vrouwen te 2009. Microsoft then ter May 2011 purchased Skype for a staggering 8.Five billion US dollars, its largest everzwijn purchase of a company.

Extra Companies

Meetup,,, stubhub and bill mij zometeen are some of the other approximately 30 companies purchased by ebay overheen the last 16 years. Thesis companies offerande bills paying services, previous auction and online auction sites (most likely competitors at one time) social meetup services and online product sales.

All of thesis companies suggest back end solutions, extra markets or more services avilable to the eBay group of companies and their customers.

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