Think of playing team sports.

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Oh hey. Recall when the world eventually came up with the term ‘ghosting’, and wij eventually had a way to describe all the dates that had disappeared from our lives?

It wasgoed fine. Wij had a shorthand for our anguish. What a wonderful time to be alive, wij said, sobbing into a plate of nachos after another failed relationship.

Well, good news: there’s a fresh way to describe all the massive d*ckheads ter your life.

According to Fresh York Magazine’s Beta Masculine, ‘benching’ is the fresh dating term you need to know about.

Benching is when someone you’re interested ter stops actually suspending out with you or committing to dates, but proceeds to text, tweet, or snapchat you.

Think of playing team sports. When you’re benched, you’re not actually playing. But you’re still on the team, ready and waiting for when the coach determines to bring you back into play.

It’s also known spil being kept on the hook, left on backburner, or simply being led on.

It’s the worst, because there’s no way to have a clean pauze or stir on. Just when you’re providing up, you’ll get a noncommital but flirty text.

They’ll make the ondergrens effort required to keep you spil an available option – which often means no face-to-face voeling, just frequent texts about plans to meet up that never end up happening.

Dating experts Selina and Vicki of Project Love – an online course that helps you totally switch how you think about love and dating – explained to that online dating has helped benching become more common than everzwijn before.

‘Online dating has made it lighter than everzwijn to bench people,’ say Selina and Vicki.

‘We can send a nice message and keep people interested with a few taps of the thumbs.

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