The money request: “I took a leave from work, so that wij can meet you.

Bauman street apartment 26/31, Kazan, Russia

More than four months ago Kristina contacted mij and wij became friends, she wasgoed working and wij had up to Trio messages vanaf day, lots of photos, no suggestive or sexy photos sent. I told hier what my financial situation is and it did not seem to matter that I had no money. Then allegedly she lost hier job and only merienda I suggested something related to money, shortly before the end of April. I am angry because a lotsbestemming of time passed and no response from hier. When she responded, I spoke to hier about scammers and then she disappeared forever.

Fresh email

21 Truda, 76, Chelyabinsk, 454000, Russian Federation

Russia, 644042, Omsk, Str Markca 22-54

She has fake profiles on different dating sites. Using photos of attractive, modest looking damsels. Merienda she has your email, she send letters from different email address and include photos ter sexy undergarments. She uses photos of models.

Moskovskaya 122/417, 610033, Kirov, Russia

She asked money for Internet cafe, sick mum, visa, toegangsbewijs and then for comeback toegangsbewijs.

Moskovskaya 122/417, 610033, Kirov, Russia

I did send hier $1200 usd and $700 usd and then she disappeared.

Ivano-Frankivsk, verdadero: Kharkiv , Ukraine

I wished meet with hier te Germany. She send mij passport scan. I booked flight. She needed money go to Kyiv. No trains work so i send hier 280 USD for travel Kyiv by taxi. Ter Kyiv she told mij she did go airport one day before flight to see how all works. She told mij need some specie because without contant she would refused at border control. Send hier 450 USD. On the day she wished departure she told mij about big problems when not have terugwedstrijd toegangsbewijs. She want book but need little 150 Euro, I did send 170 USD. After this she told mij it big problem. She wasgoed recognized spil engatusar. Police stopped hier because they say she want go Europe for prostitution. Police hechtenis hier and take all hier money and want make hier shengen visa void. I found out that all my money transfer have bot pick op ter Kharkiv. And the picture she send mij from a damsel Nadja on Vkontakte. So: scammer. spil 95% of all chicks from CIS te Internet. Be careful!

No address available

Svetlana asks money for English lessons, passport and ultimately airfare.

Krasina, 10-2, Cheboksary, Russia

I wasgoed contacted by “Svetlana” who stated she spotted my profile on some dating list. Wij exchanged letters several times. She now send mij a list of items she needs to come to USA. Svetlana asks money for money for passport insurance and airfare.

Scam agency Quest Way and it’s translation fraud.

The money request: “I took a leave from work, so that wij can meet you. I signed a contract with a travel agency and paid them 210 euro. . I spent all my savings to save up for a fresh refrigerator. I paid all my money that I had to pay the travel agency. now I voorwaarde pay the total amount within 15 days. I have to pay 740 euro to 14 February. Time is brief, and I do not know what to do now. When I talked to my gf, she promised to help mij with money. but she and hier hubby unforeseen family problems. they can not help mij now. I wasgoed te a very difficult situation. Now I do not know what to do. I do not know where to find the money to pay the travel agency. I do not have much time to find the money. Unluckily, I do not know what I do now. If I do not pay until February 14, 740 euro, all my efforts will be te vain, and wij can not see you. I lose the money I’ve already paid for the travel agency. The money I paid 210 euro, will be spent te an empty Spil if I do not pay 740 euro to 14 February, then I will give a fine of that amount. If I pauze the terms of the contract, I will give a fine of 740 euro. I do not want my efforts were ter vain. I did a loterijlot te order to arrange our meeting with you. It hurts mij to think that my efforts may be ter vain.”

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