Starlet Project Starlet Project is one of the free games like My Candy Love, a price tag that everyone likes regardless of the genre.

English Otome Games Like My Candy Love

I got hooked on English otome games like My Candy Love after playing MCL for several months and now I’m here to share my favourite alternatives.

It’s a genre that I wasgoed originally fairly hesitant to get into because I honestly didn’t see the appeal, I wasgoed proved wrong after playing My Candy Love tho’ and wasgoed interested to see what else wasgoed out there so I’ve written this pagina packed with my favourites.

On my search I noticed that most of the games like My Candy Love that I found weren’t ter English! It’s a genre that is amazingly popular on the Asian market but certainly doesn’t have the same availability te the pelĂ­cula del Oeste world.

If you know some other good English otome games please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, I’m indeed interested te discoering some of the gems te this genre that are out there.

Lady Popular

Lady Popular lets you create your own custom-built vicisitud, participate ter style shows and decorate an apartment to your liking. One feature that ventilatoren of My Candy Love will be particularly interested te however is the dating elements of the spel.

Thesis dating elements opoffering slew of depth and is almost a spel by itself thanks to all the features involved ter getting a date and building a strong and lasting relationship with them. The spel is very similar to the likes of My Candy Love and Strak Project ter that it can be played online and for free which is why it’s my number one recommendation on this pagina.

The fact that the spel goes beyond just dating is a positivo verzekeringspremie spil it gives you something else to do on the side.

Strak Project

Starlet Project is one of the free games like My Candy Love, a price tag that everyone likes regardless of the genre. It also mixes ter the pursuit of fame, a theme that lots of people love (now you can pursue your childhood wish).

Strak Project puts you behind your own strak management company where you attempt to get the company out of the gutter and into the light with your forearm picked team of starlets. Not only are thesis starlets enormously talented there are also some romantic opportunities to be pursued.

Because you get to manage your own business the spel truly appealed to it to mij since I’m also a fan of tycoon games. The combination of business and romance talent the spel greater long term appeal spil opposed to a straight otome spel for mij. You’re own mileage will certainly vary but the spel is designed that it isn’t difficult to concentrate more on one factor.

The free price tag sealed the entire overeenkomst for mij and I’m very coaxed that everything will come together for other ventilatoren of this niche genre spil well.

The Flower Shop Series

The Flower Shop comes with two games (Summer Te Fairbrook and Winter Te Fairbrook), thesis games combine a few genres together with the likes of otome, visual novel, management and simulation all flipped into one pleasurable ball. Laptop games can lightly get their forearms on the spel but option also include iOS and Android apps if you choose to spel on your smartphone.

The games are developed by Winter Wolves who have a thick portfolio te this genre and while I toevluchthaven’t played them all yet I undoubtedly see myself doing so within the next few months spil I’ve bot enormously amazed with their games.

The Flower Shop series is undoubtedly on of those games like My Candy Love that needs to be played te order (Summer very first and then Winter), this is because you’ll get a little more from the practice if you’ve played Summer very first. This is because the main character of the very first spel (Steve) is actually a dating option te the 2nd, which effectively means you’re romancing yourself!

This series has also some tycoon style elements. Te the Summer version of the spel you’ll have to manage a farm while the Winter version has you growing flowers within a flowershop. Both of thesis elements are very thought out and deep te terms of strategy. Spending careful time te both thesis elements can go along way at improving your success ter the other spel elements (since you’ll have more funds).

At very first I’ll admit that I thought the price wasgoed a bit steep but I did get more than enough hours for the price and both games have demos available if you’d rather attempt before you buy.

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