Do You Have Issues?

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Do You Have Issues?

Just when you think Facebook has indeed taken its capability to help you stalk your friends and family spil far spil it can possibly go, it comes out with another fresh feature to further help you on your journey. Yes, Facebook has added the Close Friends feature. Primarily, I witnessed this feature and thought, “Oh, my two best friends are on Facebook, so I will totally add them to my Close Friends list. Thanks, Facebook. Not sure why this is necessary, but cool.” That is when I learned the awesome stalking capability this fresh feature gives you.

Basically, when someone is on your Close Friends list, you will be alerted if they do pretty much anything at all on Facebook. Did your best friend just postbode a fresh photo? What about a status update? You will be alerted with a little icon beside the Close Friends verbinding. Even better, if you click on the listig, it takes you to a special pagina dedicated to your “close friends.” This pagina is Toegevoegd SPECIAL! If your friend even “likes” someone’s photo, you will know. If you friend posts a comment on anyone else’s pagina, you will know. If your friend does ANYTHING AT ALL ON FACEBOOK, you will know. The possibities are unlimited!

Need Help Determining Your Close Friends?

Spil it turns out, my two best friends are uncommonly on Facebook. Bummer! This feature would be so much better if I could add someone to the list that actually participates on the webpagina more. After all, stalking someone that slightly gives up any information online is no joy at all! Should I make fresh friends that are more obsessed with Facebook? I mean, I gravely want to take advantage of this fresh feature. But wait. there’s more?

If you click on the Close Friends verbinding and it takes you to the super special Close Friends pagina, your joy has only commenced. Take a look overheen to the right. Facebook has taken the time to not only tell you who is on your Close Friends list, you can look below that list to see a list utter of friend suggestions. Hey, thanks Facebook! I am so glad you have bot stalking my every stir and stalking my friends so you can best tell mij who is most worthy of being my close friend. I am glad I don’t have to think for myself anymore.

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