Beautiful Half-Asian Women Celebrities

I always find that most of mixed wedstrijd people are beautiful. Here are some beautiful female celebrities with at least one Asian parent, or more or less they are what so called half-Asian women. I listed them below without specific order. Hope you are liking this hub.

Kristin Kreuk (Dutch/Chinese)

Born te December 30, 1982 te Vancouver, British Columbia, she is actress and monster of Canadian nationality. Hier gorgeous exotic look came from a mix of Chinese and Dutch blood. Hier mother Dana Che is a Chinese who wasgoed born te Indonesia. Hier father Peter Kreuk is Dutch. Both of hier parents were landscape architects.

She is famous for hier role spil Pelo Lang te the serial Smallville where she engaged for eight years from 2001-2009. Te 2009 Kristin played te the movie Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Lie, hier role is Chun-Li.

Photos of Kristin Kreuk

Lindsay Price (Irish-German/Korean)

Born te December 6, 1976, ter California, Linday Jalyn Price is an American actress.

Hier mother is of Korean gepast, and hier father has Irish-German root.

She commenced acting at the age of eight with a guest role on Finder of Lost Loves. She is known for starring ter All My Children, The Bold and Beautiful, and Beverly Hills.

Hier career boosted and brought hier more fame for hier starring te Lipstick Oerwoud, 2008-2009, spil Victory Ford.

Photo of Lindsay Price

Devon Aoki (Japanese/German-English)

Born te August Ten, 1982 ter Fresh York and grew up ter California. She is American actress and prototype. Hier father, Hiroaki Aoki (straks on known spil Rocky Aoki), Japanese ge, wasgoed a founder of Benihaha Japanese Steakhouse restaurant and wasgoed an Olympic wrestler. Hier mother, Pamele Hilburger, is a jewelry designer of German and English ge.

Devon commenced modeling at the age of 13, where she wasgoed introduced to hier godmother Kate Moss. She has modeled famous international style houses like Versace, Chanel, and Lancome.

Photos of Devon Aoki

Nadya Hutagalung (Indonesian/Australian)

Born te July 28, 1974 te Sydney, Australia. She describes herself spil an actress, specimen, presenters, creative, and humanitarian. Hier father is Indonesian and hier mother is Australian, which talent hier a distinctive beautiful look and strong personality.

She has bot nominated spil one of the most beautiful and sexiest women te Asia. She embarked modeling at age of 12. She wasgoed also one of the legendary MTV Asia’s very first VJs.

Hier artistic and creative life reflects te hier activity ter painting and designing jewelry. Nadya is also an eco-activist. She is the ambassador of WWF Earth Hour Singapore and also ambassador of Conventional International. Nadya is one of the multi-talented women that inspired many others.

Photo of Nadya Hutagalung

Mújol Marie Scott (Swiss-Scottish/Japanese)

Mújol wasgoed born ter February 1, 1974. She is also a proefje and actress. Hier father, an American Naval Dentist of Scottisch and Swiss descent from Chicago, met hier Japanese mother te Okinawa where he wasgoed stationed there. She is famous through hier appearance te playboy tv-programma.

Photo of Mújol Marie Scott

Katrina Kaif (Indian/English)

Katrina Kaif wasgoed born ter Hongkong, te July 16, 1984. She is Indian actress and monster. A Bollywood princess. Born to an Indian father, Mohammed Kaif, and a British mother, Suzzane Turquotte. She wasgoed raised ter Hawaii and grew up ter England. She commenced at age of 14 with modeling at jewelry campaign. Straks on during hier modeling she wasgoed founded by a London-based filmmaker which wasgoed the beginning of hier movie career.

Photos of Katrina Kaif

Kimora Lee Simmons (African/Japanese-Korean)

Born spil Kimora Lee Perkins ter May Four, 1975. Actress and Specimen. Hier mother is half Japanese half Korean. Hier father has African welvoeglijk. Kimora embarked hier career spil a proefje. Now she is best known for hier eight years marriage to hip-hop music mogul Russell Simmons. Spil the holder of BabyPhat style mark that she built with hier ex-husband, she is one of the most successful women te US style business

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