Teenagers and cell phones! Are teenage – s addictions to cell phones making them unsociable or social

How much does teenagers use their cell phones thesis days and how much are they connected online during a day by their phones! To much time if you ask mij! But for the junior generations it is absolutely natural and also necessary! And the questions that arise te my mind are: Is this a fresh way to be more social or, do the technology truly make them unsocial? And how will this onveranderlijk connection affect them?

My daughter who is fifteen years old has an android cell-phone which means that she is permanently connected to Internet and of course Face Book. To be around hier means that you have to listen to onveranderlijk “beeps” and sounds from the cell when all hier 1000 friends update their status. It makes mij truly stressed. But that is mij! For hier, this is animoso and necessary! She does not need onveranderlijk updates from 1000 friends but the updates from hier close friends are very significant to hier.

Most teenagers ter my daughter’s age use the cell-phone spil a onveranderlijk companion! It is like the cell-phone has become an extension to their assets. Whenever I see my daughter I see hier cell-phone! It is sort of glued to hier: she sleeps with hier cell-phone on the cushion, she gobbles with hier cell-phone near by, either ter hier hooter-sling or ter a pocket, she brings the cell phone to the bathroom, have it visible when taking a shower, and the other day I wasgoed stunned to see that the cell-phone wasgoed ter fact ter hier forearm under hier dinner plate and overheen a soup pan when she served herself some hot soup!

But that is my point of view, for mij to be so close to my cell phone all the time would be a horror! But what about the generation who has grown up with Internet and cell-phones? For them it is the opposite! They get stressed when they are disconnected! They can’t imagine a reality where they can’t be reachable on all hours. And most of them toevluchthaven’t experienced a life without the cell-phone. To be offline or don’t have a cell-phone is like they are totally isolated or dead. They can’t communicate and are not updated on the latest news which is the same spil being nobody. And when they get online after a longer disconnect they are so stressed out, because they have so much catching up to do!

So, how is this affecting the fresh generation which has bot born with the possibility to stay connected to Internet all the time? I see them spil guinea pigs! Because nobody knows how this will affect humans ter the long run. There is no research done yet on long term side affects on humans who are onveranderlijk reachable and connected to others. When I attempt to talk about it with my daughter she says, everybody is online all the time! My reaction to that usually is, that everybody is online all the time doesn’t mean it is healthy or good for you! When I grew up, it wasgoed totally accepted to smoke, everybody did smoke, and now look how healthy that wasgoed! You can imagine how a remark like that is received by a tiener! (Stone age ideas!)

Take a lock at a group of tiener when they socialize or sit te a group ter a cafe or when they wait for a train. Every one of them has onveranderlijk supervision on their cell-phone. If they don’t read from the screen or texting, they play with the cell, sway and turn it around, open and close the lul and they do this while they communicate with the ones that are present ter reality! Amazing capacity! And nobody seems to be annoyed overheen the fact that the others are paying attention to their cell phones instead of being totally present.

Sometimes I wonder if there is any time at all when they turn their cell phone off and are totally present ter reality. There seems to be no codes amongst teenagers about when the cell isn’t desired or when it isn’t OK to use it. At least there seems to be no such codes for teenagers 12-15 years old. During schoolgebouw time the phones are not permitted but that rule is set by adults, not teenagers. I think it comes with age since that wasgoed the case with my spouse’s older children.

Youthfull people talk about cell-phones spil devices. The phone isn’t only for communication, it is also a clock, a music player, a camera, Internet, and it is a excellent and vivo part of their life!

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