Straight after they arrived, the bombs went off which resulted of destruction of the venue and sixteen people died.

My Top Ten Dearest K-Drama for year 2011

Here you’ll find My Top Pick Best Korean Toneelstuk for year 2011

For everyone who loves Korean Stuk, this year has bot another “daebak” / “amazing” year for us. From the beginning of the year, so many different genre of dramas entertain us and it’s pretty hard to pick the favorites. My top dearest schouwspel for 2011 so far is City Hunter, Secret Garden, The Princess’ Man and Odor of a Woman.

Heartstrings, makes mij fall ter love with the ShinHwa duo again and Protect the Boss which makes mij discovering Ji Sung and makes mij fall ter love with Jaejoong!

I’m sure many of you have your own dearest K-drama and wij’re spoiled with so many dramas aired at our TV screen on daily, twice weekly and weekly poot. The lists below are my top picks Best Korean schouwspel for 2011 and if your beloved is not on the list, feel free to add yours on the comment opbergruimte and I’ll add the epistel summary & synopsis of the toneelstuk.

Vote for your dearest 2011 Korean Toneelstuk [Fresh Poll]

There are many excellent Korean Schouwspel aired ter the 2nd half of 2011. To make it fair, I’ve determined to create a fresh poll below.

Many voters commented that Secret Garden wasgoed aired end 2010 – Feb 2011, so based on their terugkoppeling, I have not included Secret Garden on the list.

What’s your dearest K-Drama ter 2011?

What’s your beloved 2011 Korean Toneelstuk so far?

City Hunter

This schouwspel is depicted from famous and well-known manga anime “City Hunter” by Tsukasa Hojo, supported by lead actor Lee Min-Ho who plays spil Koo Jun-Pyo ter Boys Overheen Flower.

A existente life story of the South Korean Voorzitter Chun Doo-hwan and his cabinet visited Martyr’s Mausoleum te Yangon. Straight after they arrived, the bombs went off which resulted of destruction of the venue and sixteen people died. Two agents, Lee Jin-Pyo and Park Mu-Yeol survived the blast and they’re spies te an anti-North Korean unit.

What else can I say about this stuk? Fantastic story, amazing characters portrayal from its actors with so many unexpected and cliffhanger scenes, City Hunter is certainly my #1 Korean Stuk of the year. I’m hooked from the very first scene, from the scenes where youthfull Yoon Sung had to suffer so many hardships due to harsh training from his step-father whose his very first and last life mission is to kill all five politicians which caused his best friend and 20 other guiltless people died te 1983.

Then, few years straks, Yoon Sung who’s now a professor, works spil an IT professional te a Blue House (the government’s IT department). He becomes City Hunter who will waterput all thesis politicians te jail, but he doesn’t want to expose his identity. And he falls te love with bodyguard Kim Na Na which makes his City Hunter work becomes utterly difficult to carry.

Lee Zoogmoeder Ho spil City Hunter? Amazing, fantastic! And the other actors? They’re portraying their characters well. I don’t know how many times I had to clinch my arms when I see so many heart-wrenching scenes and yelling to the screen hoping that Kim Na Na won’t diegene, that she won’t leave him, that Jin Pyo won’t intervene on City Hunter’s secret mission!

Undoubtedly the best schouwspel of the year!

Number of Gigs: 20

Llamativo run: May 25, 2011 — July 28, 2011 on SBS [Ter place of slot of 49Days]

Main Personages Members: Lee Min-Ho spil Lee Yoon-Sung, Park Min-Young spil Kim Na-Na, Lee Jun-Hyuk spil Kim Young-Joo, Hwang Sun-Hee spil Jin Soo-Hee, Goo Ha-Ra spil Choi Da-Hye

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