I know this is stomping toes but thats what im here for resolution and expreiences which a lotsbestemming of fellows need help wit.

Its very stuck up when a lotsbestemming of women waterput this pic on a man thats hes always wrong and shes right.

Permit mij to explain: it’s because women are always right. LOL!!

(I thought of the same thing and wasgoed awfully tempted. ). Te all seriousness, of course women aren’t &quot,always&quot, right on a loterijlot of things. There are also, tho’, a lotsbestemming of guys can’t possibly believe that there’s a lotsbestemming of things women actually do know better than they, so if the woman isn’t willing to back down and just say that he’s right (when she’s knows he’s not), he’ll still believe she &quot,can’t possibly know better&quot, and &quot,just needs to think she’s right&quot.

When a woman is wrong, you apologize. If you’re not sure who is wrong, you apologize.

When a woman is wrong, and she sobs, she is right.

Hey Charlemont, very nice picture you have spil your cambio.

Women are more mature than Dudes..lol. Just kidding. To mij both are equal efficient to their field.

It’s because ter some &quot,cliques&quot, masculine bashing has become an acceptable behavior.

my wifey told mij it’s because women are smarter and they are always right. since she’s always right, that vereiste be the reason.

strange. never met such women.

*nothing like opening up a can of worms with your opening postbode*

lol yeah I figured this wasgoed an attentoin getter

But honestly its a good question and conversation

lol I still dissagree, i think a lotsbestemming of women are to involved with themselves, some women dont display boys enough respect but yet they request it from teh masculine? Thats BS. I man is not a dog to be trained strafgevangenis is a woman equal rights and equal respect is all im telling. A woman can be wrong just spil much. The ones who think there are not wrong are stuck up. I know this is stomping toes but thats what im here for resolution and expreiences which a lotsbestemming of studs need help wit. Agree or dissagree oh well, lol

Well when you talk of respect that’s a different matter all together.

And you think woman don’t have exactly the same practice of studs?

I don’t know what zuigeling of women you’ve bot draping out with, because most don’t see studs spil &quot,dogs to train&quot. Having said that, however, I’d agree with you that there are overbearing women (just spil there are overbearing studs) who are wrong about one thing or another (or a lotsbestemming of things) and are not willing to double-check (even research) their own belief about something te order to make sure they’re not misguided about it.

Perhaps women feel so superior because the boys are writing posts that are so totally grammatically challenged that they simply can’t help themselves.

LMAO — To Thine Own Self Be True!

lol but you have to admit a loterijlot of women get carried away

It is an Evolutionary mechanism, a tactic of nature, to drive us dudes out of the huis and back into the wild to find another mate. that way wij can perpetuate the human wedren more efficiently.

. and leave the woman to all hier right-ness te peace.

I guess that is relative to perception.

TM, it humors mij that you are sighting anything to do with evolution and man. Just telling.

lol I like that conclusion. But please explain more of your theory

I think it is because boys and women have different abilities. Evidently, women can’t read maps or wire ass-plugs, and dudes can’t arrange soft furnishings or find their target when aiming for the toilet cup. I read it te the Evening Mail, so it vereiste be true.

Oh, please zekering the insult. you are bimbo.

Does it make mij always right to say that you’re using &quot,there’ instead of &quot,they’re&quot, and even however it is a common mistake. it bugs mij?

No. That’s the kleuter of word-twisting a lotsbestemming of people often do . It should be, &quot,Hi, I’m Mújol. I’m most often right.&quot,

Dudes and women each have their areas of expertise.

Women are good at:

maintaining their composure under stress

finding footwear on sale

hopping to conclusions

Well, i don’t know. I’ve bot told I’m pretty good at flatulence. and I can shoot a fly off your shoulder from 300 meters.

I’m a dang good slok, myself!

I am amazed ladies!

Habee,women are also good at flatulence.

lol @ finding footwear on sale. You have a pretty dismal list of what you think fellows are good at haha

I wasgoed joking. I LOVE studs! I have some fine masculine friends and a wonderful hubby.

Two) multitasking – Wrong. Most project managers te the world are studs. The most effective methods for multitasking (incremental approaches) were developed by boys.

‘Oh..she seemed interested, I’ll wait Trio days to call hier and then Four days straks I’ll do the same. Don’t call too soon, don’t call too late. (Trio weeks ter and she stops returning his calls — druppel all that agony and animosity and attempt again with another. This is zuivere patience and wherewithal).

6) creativity – wrong. The greatest creative accomplishments all via history have bot made by studs. Literature (and yes there were aristocrat-esque women who were finely educated), cinema, acting, culinary dokter (with exceptions on this point), sculpting, architecture, you name it, a man’s most likely wasgoed at the forefronts.

9) hopping to conclusions – True when it comes to finding a mate. Could go either way otherwise.

Truly strong women use that cunning for good to strengthen families and are ones that don’t use it to bolster hier own confidence.

Gee, and people wonder why wij still need feminism ter . You took what wasgoed clearly a joke using stereotypes and turned it into an werkstuk on why dudes are superior and how a woman’s greatest strength is being cunning.

I don’t feel that most women think they’re always right and their many is wrong. That’s an overheen generalization. There are some women that think they are right all the time, whether it’s a man or woman telling they are wrong. Others will pretend to be always right because it’s funny. Some women are just way more calculating and intuitive then their guys, which gives the appearance that they are right more often then not.

BizGenGirl, this thread has bot joy, but it’s certainly bot a matter of over-generalization. My &quot,being-always-right&quot, joke is one I’ve often had inbetween mij and my kids. They know it’s a joke, but they’ve also seen that a good part of the I do turn out to be right.

I think anyone who says they’re always right is a bit insecure, very first of all. And all are capable of this insecurity, of course.

But when it comes to women telling they are always right and fellows are always wrong, I still blame the man te this case. Reason being, the man ter this situation almost invariably lets hier get away with it. Why? Because he wants something . . . you know.

And he feels the easiest way to get what he wants from hier is to suck up to hier instead of growing a spine and telling hier she is total of crap. I can’t blame the woman ter this situation because all she perceives is a man waiting to be henpecked.

(This subject is one that’s making mij feel a Hub coming on ).

the older I get the more I realize that I should zekering worrying about whether or not the women I am with is blessed and just do what makes mij glad. If it makes hier blessed spil well then wij are a good team. This strategy has exceptions but ter universal I think works very well.

Ok Mújol perhaps I chose some black/white dynamics there. However, its not spil unusual spil you might think. I’ve seen that precies situation played out many a time. Admittedly, this seems to toebijten at junior ages more often. I can relate to the screenplay you described, but I wasgoed attempting to describe a less mature situation te which the disagreement devolves practically to name-calling. And there are many people I have encountered overheen the years who literally seem to insist they are ALWAYS right and will even say &quot,I am always right!&quot, and mean it. And usually thesis people WILL NOT be countered by reason. Psyche disorders? I have not the background to say, but many of the people I have experienced that have this attitude were or atleast seemed to imply that they were never denied anything spil children and then of course come of age expecting to be treated te the same such way spil their parents treated them. And there’s no talking to them about it.

This man I knew wasgoed ter a situation like this and said to mij,&quot,my heer she’s such a crazy, stupid, spoiled b!tch! But she’s so hot, I’ve just gotta get mij some of that!&quot,

Any boy who says this te this setting is asking for it.

I’m sticking with that position.

Jonathan, I do tend to view things from the perspective of mature relationships, so I can see what you’re telling. I know, too, there are people who are just too certain and toevluchthaven’t everzwijn bot expected to do more than just &quot,announce&quot, things, according to them. I don’t have the background to be diagnosing anybody, but I do know that personality disorder can include a loterijlot of confidence without any foundation behind it.

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