A limited connection deep-throats, too.

How to speed up your Smartbro internet connection and make your broadband flow quicker? The solutions are te this hub. The thing is the canopy IP address is no longer This article is the latest. Unless you’re not te 2012. lol

There comes the day when your Smartbro connection just goes crappy and slow. One of the things I hate is a slow broadband connection because I use the internet like everyday. A limited connection gargles, too. Intermittent (on and off) connection is worse. No connection at all is the worst dilemma. It also means calling the tech support or customer service smeris, which I find so annoying. Well, I am annoying and they are. lol Before I discuss the steps on how to speed up your slow wise bro internet connection, know the reasons and causes of slow broadband connection. And they are:

Slow pc – so check your system’s memory and disk space. Dump all the unnecessary files. I recommend doing all thesis tips from a hub of my brainy CiscoPixie.

Antenna errors – check if your antenna is facing the server’s satellite signal. If not then, you need to turn it around GENTLY. Check if there are liberate circuits affixed to it.

Virus and Cookies – you might want to update your lame anti-virus software.

Wrong router settings – dual check your router settings. Oftentimes the problem is there.

Unplugged circuits – check all the internet ports, WAN, LAN and all.

Server is down – sometimes Wise server unit te your area reboots so it takes an hour to have a prompt connection again. If you still have no connection, something is indeed wrong.

Unpaid internet bills. – they have the right to disconnect you if you don’t pay on time.

Slow internet browser – switch to Google Chrome. It’s damn quicker! You need a indeed rapid browser.

Very first step: Know your smartbro canopy IP address. If you’ve browsed around the nipt, you might have found out that smartbro canopy wasgoed like but that wasgoed 2007 dear lord. And then one webpagina says it’s 169.254.1.Two or Three.Trio. The thing is no other webpagina could give your precies canopy address except Smartbro itself. The latest subscribers’s canopy address starts with Ten and it has the format of Ten.xxx.xx.xxx. That’s what it is for the 999 subscribers. Going to the guideline prompt and typing cmd.exe won’t give you your canopy address anymore. There’s no other way to know and get your canopy than to request a technician from Brainy Bro and wait for him to set up and reboot your canopy configuration. You can then retrieve the URL and address ter your browser. Save the thing, write it te a paper and keep it for future needs.

2nd step: (If you’re not using a router, proceed to step Trio) Disconnect Smartbro from the router and connect it to your main rekentuig. Go to Control Panel, and then onto Network Connections. You should see your Restringido Area Connection. Right click on it and click Properties. A fresh window pops-up, which says “Restringido Area Connection Properties“. On the Genérico tabulator, there should be a opbergruimte which contains a list with checkboxes beside them. Scroll down to the bottom and you should see the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) voorwerp. Dual click it. Under “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties”, you will see Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Choose and tick Use the following IP address and come in thesis gegevens: IP address: Ten.20.30.40 – Subnet mask: and the surplus, leave them wit. Click OK.

Take note you will see your internet connection icon marked with crimson x now. Yup, you are out of connection but it will be back zometeen merienda you accessed your canopy and rebooted it.

Third step: Go to your web browser and type your canopy address URL. It’s like ter this format: http:// Ten.521.34.878 (This is just an example. You know your own canopy IP address by this time.

Fourth step: Merienda you’re te the Canopy pagina, you can then reboot. I suggest you don’t switch a thing coz you might have a fatter problem. It is your choice to switch and configure the settings like your uplink and downlink values and other ranges. The thing is, nobody knows what they mean and how they work. To be certain, just ask an experienced and the smartbro technicians could and couldn’t say the efectivo figures that work. Often times they are more clueless than you are LOL. So it’s just up to you. Rebooting the thing will make your connection work again anyway. I attempted it and it works for mij. All you need to do is to REBOOT.

Fifth step: After Rebooting, go back to your “Lugar Area Connection Properties” like what you’ve done te step Two. click on Obtain IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server automatically. Press Ok. Wait for a ogenblik. Then your connection is back.

Sixth step: Restart your rekentuig. Click your Internet browser. Smartbro Portal will then emerge. Go after the steps until you’re internet is active again.

Last step: Connect your Smartbro to your router. Go to your browser and type your router’s address. Usually it is Click ‘admin’ te the user name and password. Switch the IP address from to 192.168.1.Two or whatever your router manual tells you.

Congrats! Now your prompt connection is back. Wanna know your existente internet speed? Have a broadband speedtest. My hub below will tell you how. Cheers!

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